Swap rates

20 Oct 17, 8:01am
Change of Government expected to bring higher inflation expectations, increased debt issuance and an added risk premium for a steeper curve from here
17 Oct 17, 8:05am
NZ rates followed the US rates down from Friday, but US rates turned up today. EU rates lower. Eyes now on NZ CPI and next dairy auction
13 Oct 17, 8:23am
Oil price fall supports rise in bond prices, despite US PPI inflation. NZ yields fall across the curve in sympathy. Eyes on US, China and AU data
12 Oct 17, 12:03pm
FMA's BKBM guidance hailed as 'pragmatic, practical and sensible' guidance that 'stands out globally'. NZ banks pleased FMA has 'confirmed there are no systemic conduct issues'
12 Oct 17, 8:00am
UST 10yr yields trading at 2.34%, about 2 bps lower than the NZ close; local rates market was quiet yesterday, with rates down 1-2 bps across the swaps and government curves, driven by global forces
11 Oct 17, 9:05am
Local rates will meander sideways until next Government is revealed. US Fed decision awaits US CPI reading, most analysts expect a December rise
10 Oct 17, 8:03am
European 10yr bond yields ease 1-3 bps; local rates movements all within a basis point across the swap curve; NZ government bond yields did push 2 to 3.5 basis points higher across the curve
6 Oct 17, 8:00am
UST 10yr rises to 2.35% on Fed talk. Eyes on US NFPs. Aussie retail hits local swap rates. Markets not worried even if National loses up to two seats in final election count
5 Oct 17, 8:12am
Lower global rates weigh on NZ swaps. German rates slip. US data strong and Fed leadership speculation rises
4 Oct 17, 8:01am
Fed Chair position in play, UST yields slightly lower with more short positions being added, eyes on ADP employment report
3 Oct 17, 8:19am
Markets baffled by odd yield tracking. UST yields slip, local swap rates drift up on very low volumes. Attention turns to QSBO, RBA and dairy auction
29 Sep 17, 8:14am
NZ long end rates following global direction, short end rates ignoring RBNZ. Focus turns to action-packed data calendar
28 Sep 17, 7:55am
RBNZ on sidelines, as new Acting Governor takes over. Local rates respond to international pressures, rising in steepening trend
27 Sep 17, 7:50am
UST yields a little higher. NZ rates following offshore trends. No election reaction in rates markets
25 Sep 17, 8:11am
North Korean headlines during New Zealand trading hours on Friday saw the UST 10 yr rate down 3 bps to 2.25%; this price action flowed through to local rates
22 Sep 17, 8:08am
UST rates traded a 2.24-2.28% range to currently sit flat at 2.27%; Australian rates lower after dovish speech from RBA's Lowe; NZ rates moves modest
21 Sep 17, 8:07am
US Treasury yields are up around 4-5bps across the curve, with the 10-year rate up 4bps to 2.28%; the probability of the Fed hiking in December according to the Fed Fund curve has nudged up further to 60%; NZ rates continued to follow global rates higher
20 Sep 17, 8:40am
US focus on Fed dot plot. US Fed membership to get more hawish. NZ 10yr swap at 6 week high
18 Sep 17, 7:08am
European rates set the tone, but focus turns to US Fed meeting decisions. Local eyes on Q2 GDP and election
13 Sep 17, 8:35am
Austria sells century bond into huge demand. German and US 10yr rates rise sharply. Receiving interest strong in local markets


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