15 Aug 18, 8:25am
Embattled dairy giant Fonterra has appointed Miles Hurrell as interim CEO with immediate effect; Theo Spierings will leave at the end of the month
13 Aug 18, 8:34am
Roger J Kerr dissects a week in which the Kiwi currency was staggered by blows firstly from the RBNZ and then worries about the escalating crisis in Turkey; he believes the currency is not down for the count however
10 Aug 18, 3:25pm
David Hargreaves says Fonterra needs to undergo a massive overhaul otherwise the consequences could be quite drastic
10 Aug 18, 8:58am
Fonterra says dividend will be just 10c, down from 40c, while final milk price for season just gone has been cut to $6.70 from the expected $6.75; Shareholders' Council says situation 'unacceptable'
9 Aug 18, 1:33pm
Dairy giant Fonterra has gone into a trading halt on NZX while it determines whether earnings from the July year will be different to that previously forecast
6 Aug 18, 9:01am
Roger J Kerr says foreign investors are not going to be positive on the NZ economy and currency if they see that the locals are so downbeat on their own prospects
30 Jul 18, 9:21am
Roger J Kerr outlines why oil and milk prices are important drivers of the New Zealand dollar's value
23 Jul 18, 8:54am
Roger J Kerr says the Kiwi dollar is unlikely to fall in any Trump-led currency war backwash
16 Jul 18, 8:32am
Roger J Kerr says a continuation down the isolationist trade path that the US are now travelling will prove to be the tragedy for the US economy and the legacy of the Trump regime
9 Jul 18, 8:46am
Roger J Kerr says a return of the NZD/USD exchange rate to 0.7000 over coming weeks should be expected as speculative trading positions are all unwound in a one-way Kiwi dollar market
4 Jul 18, 1:15pm
The sharpest fall in global dairy prices for over a year raises questions about whether the current level of forecast milk price for farmers this season will be achievable
2 Jul 18, 10:21am
Appointment of new 'independent' manager to Beingmate seen by Fonterra as key to turning around its under-performing investment in the company
2 Jul 18, 8:24am
Roger J Kerr says new RBNZ Governor, Adrian Orr may be at risk of playing the 'dovish' outlook-on-inflation-card a little too much, too soon in the current environment
11 Jun 18, 7:49am
Here are the likely responses in the currency markets to the NZD from the various forces that are about to play out, from local data, to capricious American policy jerks, to ECB tapering
4 Jun 18, 10:01am
Although the immediate threats are priced in to the value of the NZD, markets are forgetting that our currency does get safe-haven benefits during debt crises in other regions
29 May 18, 8:30am
The rise of the greenback may have run it course as markets accept the ECB is a long way from unwinding, and the American economy's growth is uncertain. The Kiwi dollar is under much less pressure now
23 May 18, 4:37pm
David Hargreaves says Fonterra's still failing to balance the commodity cycles - and that's bad for New Zealand
23 May 18, 9:10am
Dairy giant Fonterra lifts current season milk price forecast to $6.75 from $6.55, but says dividend may be more than halved; milk price forecast for new season, at $7, is much higher than expected
21 May 18, 8:24am
A relief bounce following the Budget comes as hedge fund book squaring stops the slide in the NZD and other selling forces run out of steam at US$0.6850
16 May 18, 3:35pm
ASB economists expect Fonterra next week to give a 'healthy' milk price forecast of $6.50 or better for the new season


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