27 Jul 17, 1:22pm
After complaints from employers the Government has backed down on original work visa proposals; has now lowered pay threshold to $41.5k from $48k; introduced new 'mid-skilled' category
26 Jul 17, 5:15pm
Transpower sell-down claims: Credible, or bit of Winston mischief? Transpower says they met with UBS to discuss new technologies and the document was slipped in quietly - that's a common investment bank tactic
26 Jul 17, 11:40am
National unsurprisingly says it wants to carry on govt with ACT, Maori Party and UnitedFuture after 23 September to maintain "a stable and successful Government"
24 Jul 17, 1:38pm
The Government's looming partial backdown on recently announced migration limits points to the folly of lazy policy formulated through opinion polls and public reaction
24 Jul 17, 11:32am
Roger J Kerr says the NZ dollar has surged as a result of the Reserve Bank of Australia's missteps; higher exchange rate puts pressure on RBNZ
24 Jul 17, 10:49am
Brian Fallow runs the ruler over Labour's fiscal plan and looks at what spending plans from Grant Robertson might look like compared to those from Steven Joyce
24 Jul 17, 9:20am
National promises $600m for housing infrastructure investment alongside private sector for projects to be owned by SPVs, repaid through targeted rates and volumetric charges; Labour says this was its policy from 2015
21 Jul 17, 12:38pm
Social Housing Register waiting list hits new record high in June; Amy Adams says rising rents partly to blame but AS boost could help; Labour's Twyford highlights NZ homelessness as worst in OECD
21 Jul 17, 5:02am
Home owners vs renters: Life satisfaction, living conditions, health and financial position differences laid bare by Stats NZ survey
20 Jul 17, 5:02am
Labour's Robertson holds fast on opposition to tax threshold changes to account for inflation bracket creep, even if 2016/17 tax take comes in above expectations; Says coalition talks could involve reprioritising spending plans
19 Jul 17, 11:00am
Labour fiscal plan includes $20bn spending boost, $10bn more in revenue over next four years while keeping Crown expenses steady and repaying debt; Gives itself $10bn for campaign policies
19 Jul 17, 5:02am
Labour to announce high-level spending projections Wednesday with focus on health; Work done on how to deflect 'tax and spend' and 'dodgy accounting' criticisms of previous years
18 Jul 17, 1:39pm
Gareth Morgan's TOP proposes universal income for 18-23 year-olds of $200 per week; Will scrap student allowances and living costs, and first $10,000 of annual benefits for the age group
18 Jul 17, 12:47pm
Labour proposes smacking multinationals that avoid paying tax with a penalty National doesn't want to go near
17 Jul 17, 11:42am
Roger J Kerr now sees several factors leaving the New Zealand dollar open to a sell-off in FX markets; one factor not being reflected in the market yet is the possibility of a hung Parliament after September 23
15 Jul 17, 6:53am
Labour/Greens just ahead of National In July Roy Morgan poll but NZ First again in the ‘box seat’
10 Jul 17, 11:04am
Roger J Kerr says the US Fed is correct on the economic outlook and believes the US dollar should recover
6 Jul 17, 9:20am
UnitedFuture's Peter Dunne interested in allowing first 10 years of student loan repayments to be channelled to KiwiSaver first home deposit scheme, writing off that portion of a student loan
5 Jul 17, 2:06pm
Brian Fallow talks to The Opportunities Party's leader Gareth Morgan about his policies and where his votes might come from
5 Jul 17, 11:13am
Green Party says would prioritise light rail from Auckland CBD to airport for 2021; Would look to partially fund it through land value capture


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