4 Sep 17, 11:43am
Labour hits back at National; Grant Robertson stands by and explains fiscals after Steven Joyce launches attack claiming there is a $11.7 bln 'hole' in Labour's numbers - updated
4 Sep 17, 5:02am
Labour targets rental law overhaul; Nats to get even tougher on gangs and drugs; Greens target leached nitrates levy at dairy, could shave 5% off average dairy farm's profitability
3 Sep 17, 6:02am
With GDP and immigration numbers due two days before the election, Alex Tarrant looks at which party is set to gain the most from media reaction to the figures. He reckons it's Labour
2 Sep 17, 6:02am
The NZ Initiative's Sam Warburton looks at election pledges and says it's time to address transport funding and incentive issues
1 Sep 17, 1:17pm
Keeping warm a hardship for almost three in ten households, Stats NZ survey finds; Renters and those on low incomes more likely to report energy hardship; Alex Tarrant says how this could feed into the Election 2017 campaign & policies
1 Sep 17, 9:45am
Election 2017: English takes credit for allowing RBNZ's LVR regime, says foreign house buyers a 'peripheral issue'; Says he has the experience to deliver stable govt with Winston Peters if that's what voters decide
31 Aug 17, 6:09pm
Labour overtakes National in 1 News poll, could form government with NZ First only; Greens back above 5%, NZ First loses support; Ardern ahead of English in preferred PM stakes
31 Aug 17, 4:18pm
It's regional development day: What do you think about Peters' call for Ports of Auckland to switch to Northport? Road & Transport's Ken Shirley says it's "Stalinist"; Meanwhile, Simon Bridges takes two hats to Taranaki
31 Aug 17, 11:33am
The election campaign proper starts today, Alex Tarrant writes: How Labour should defend its tax stance, how the campaign might play after tonight's poll & leaders' debate; And why Winston isn't yet 100% Kingmaker
30 Aug 17, 3:24pm
Joyce and Robertson both channel Jerry Maguire, calling on each other to 'show me the money' after policy announcements
30 Aug 17, 12:28pm
EY's David Snell takes a look at the tax issues that have cropped up during the election campaign and points out political parties are ignoring the power of disruption
29 Aug 17, 11:43am
National announces extension to paid parental leave from 18 to 22 weeks over two years
29 Aug 17, 9:20am
Labour releases updated fiscals after Prefu, says will stick within self-imposed spending, debt track rules; Brings forward 3-years' free tertiary education policy
29 Aug 17, 5:02am
TOP's Gareth Morgan says Peters' Super Saga shows just how broken NZ's benefit system is; Argues inter-generational unfairness; Says tax top priority if in Parliament after election; Sees TOP hitting 5%
28 Aug 17, 2:39pm
Visitors to New Zealand will have to pay an extra $25 to enter the country under new Labour Party policy; The $75m a year will go towards growing tourism industry, conservation
28 Aug 17, 12:51pm
Govt's housing supply response dealing to Auckland land prices is a "generational fix," Prime Minister Bill English says during discussion on homelessness, neo-liberalism and housing affordability
27 Aug 17, 7:51am
ACT's David Seymour looks to be fighting to stay relevant this election with National odds-on to need Winston Peters to govern; And could NZ First's personality mix put pressure on that 12 October decision deadline?
25 Aug 17, 8:02am
The Election tax debate has entered silly territory, Alex Tarrant writes; Labour's exclusion of family homes and income tax change aversion isn't fit for a party wishing to fairly tax assets, wealth and income; Joyce's scaremongering is also OTT
24 Aug 17, 11:26am
Govt announces 110kph speed limits on selected expressways (RONS). Alex Tarrant argues this could be one of the most important announcements this election campaign as National targets Winston's "common sensers"
23 Aug 17, 3:06pm
Ardern rules out Labour raising top income tax rate next term, says income tax won’t even be put in front of Tax Working Group


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