15 Jun 18, 9:31am
David Cay Johnston argues President Trump may have promised to put America & American workers first but his actions show he's pursuing a strategy of Make China Great Again
21 Feb 18, 1:01pm
The CPTPP trade agreement will add between $1.2 billion and $4 billion to New Zealand economy, but comes with some weighty costs if it is signed
19 Feb 18, 5:22pm
PM Jacinda Ardern says it is her 'strong hope' the full CPTPP text will be made available this week and a national impact statement will be released on Wednesday
24 Jan 18, 2:29pm
Government to extend deadline for submissions on bill banning foreign house buyers after agreement reached in trade deal
23 Nov 17, 4:21pm
Allan Barber looks at the new opportunities that open up in big multilateral trade agreements now that the US is not part of them. The dynamics have changed
18 Sep 17, 10:49am
Brian Fallow looks at the breakdown of bipartisan consensus on trade policy and what this means, or might mean, for the sale of residential properties to overseas buyers
21 Jul 17, 10:02am
First Union's Morgan Godfery on the black and blue Greens, raging against the system, getting deep with GoT, winter chills put heat on hospitals, Winston does a Don, a great Kiwi feed and more
13 Jul 17, 8:57am
Allan Barber says the Japan - EU deal makes Japan the key player in reviving the TPP11 deal, which will always be much better than a series of bilateral agreements
1 Jul 17, 11:47am
When President Trump pulled the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, many assumed that the mega-regional trade deal was dead. But Koichi Hamada says such assumptions may have been premature
6 Jun 17, 4:22pm
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson defends President Trump's move to pull US from Paris Climate Accord, says decision was in best interests of American people
25 May 17, 11:44am
Minxin Pei sees a strategic opportunity for India and Japan to counterbalance China with a new trade bloc
20 May 17, 2:14pm
Ex-Labour PM Mike Moore tells RNZ he hopes to live long enough to see another Labour govt, but worries the party's 'not seen to be on the side of those who are strivers'
15 Feb 17, 12:10pm
Keith Woodford says that the search for new agri-food markets always leads back to China and the ASEAN nations, but there are also lots of opportunities elsewhere
23 Nov 16, 10:02am
Allan Barber finds the meat industry needing to adapt to unexpected changes in it export market prospects, yet still convert grass to payments to farmers fast. He sees increased challenges
13 Nov 16, 5:02am
President Donald Trump could destabilise China's economy, unleash a new European financial crisis and push up global interest rates in a way that slows New Zealand's economy and makes mortgages more expensive
16 Sep 16, 5:03am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy & Amber Carran-Fletcher wrap up their TPPA series with a look at the unenforceable chapters of the agreement
1 Sep 16, 11:35am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy says it has been a hard slog to liberalise international trade in textiles and apparel
22 Aug 16, 10:23am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy says developing a more efficient customs process will make it faster & cheaper for big & small players across TPPA countries to do business
15 Aug 16, 10:34am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy looks at how the global supply chain poses a problem for the boffins who have to nut out the details of preferential trade agreements
2 Aug 16, 9:47am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy says despite its limited scope, the TPPA lays the groundwork to fight some forms of corruption


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