Insurance news

29 Apr 17, 6:02am
EQC levies may be affected by changes to disaster fund set to be announced after drawn-out review, Joyce says; Flags changes to reinsurance excess, operational detail
19 Apr 17, 8:44am
Allan Barber reviews a cross-party review of how to achieve climate targets, one that will entail a difficult transition for rural economies
10 Apr 17, 1:07pm
A look at whether your insurer will pay for what the Government won't if you get cancer
3 Apr 17, 5:02am
RBNZ considers whether to: take a more 'graduated approach' in monitoring insurers' solvency, make insurers disclose as much information as banks, and require all insurers that operate in NZ to be locally incorporated 
30 Mar 17, 3:53pm
Michael Stiassny says bidders eyeing a Tower takeover will need to pay at least $1.40 per share; Says the Board's considering a capital raising
30 Mar 17, 5:02am
New rates set to fund amalgamated fire and emergency service; Changes to see people with home, contents and car insurance pay around $38 more a year
29 Mar 17, 11:19am
When and under what conditions different insurance companies will provide cover for meth contamination to your home or rental property 
16 Mar 17, 9:06am
Insurance Council says the Government consulting on how to levy insurance to fund new fire and emergency service shows how complicated and costly the regime is
14 Mar 17, 3:08pm
Vero agrees to pay 10 cents more per share in $15.8 million deal to increase its stake in Tower to nearly 20%; Move could bump up Vero's offer in takeover bid
9 Mar 17, 8:47am
Psychiatrists call for government review on the way life insurers treat people with mental illness; Underwriter explains extent to which industry goes to fairly assess possible risks of mental illness
6 Mar 17, 5:16pm
Suncorp confirms it's transferring 'a number' of New Zealand admin jobs to its 'strategic partners in Asia'
6 Mar 17, 10:33am
Revenue Minister Judith Collins says government yet to decide whether bank capital will be included in the crackdown on corporates' use of hybrid mismatches
3 Mar 17, 1:05pm
Suncorp argues if the ComCom allowed IAG to acquire AMI and Lumley, it's only fair it approves its application to take over Tower
2 Mar 17, 1:19pm
Suncorp attempts to win over Tower shareholders in its takeover battle with 'escalation payment' agreements
24 Feb 17, 10:07am
Youi's boss to take up new role as CEO of OUTsurance - a South African insurer with the same parent as Youi
23 Feb 17, 7:40am
IAG commits to employing 'targeted rates increases' in the wake of the Kaikoura quakes; Says it has been hiking motor insurance premiums throughout the country as more car owners are making claims
22 Feb 17, 9:48am
New Zealand's second largest general insurer aims to increase its market share to 30%, offering to pay more than 'Canada's Berkshire Hathaway' to buy Tower
22 Feb 17, 7:57am
Insurance lawyer calls for playing field to be leveled in NZ so insurers suffer the same consequences as their customers if they tell porkies
20 Feb 17, 7:32pm
Climate change could threaten the stability of the entire financial system, an Aussie banking regulator warns, as it prepares to apply climate change "stress tests" to the nation's financial institutions
18 Feb 17, 7:30am
Cameron Preston crunches the numbers to explore whether it is Tower or NZ's insurance system that is 'broken'


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