Insurance news

22 Feb 17, 7:57am
Insurance lawyer calls for playing field to be leveled in NZ so insurers suffer the same consequences as their customers if they tell porkies
20 Feb 17, 7:32pm
Climate change could threaten the stability of the entire financial system, an Aussie banking regulator warns, as it prepares to apply climate change "stress tests" to the nation's financial institutions
18 Feb 17, 7:30am
Cameron Preston crunches the numbers to explore whether it is Tower or NZ's insurance system that is 'broken'
17 Feb 17, 1:58pm
A.M. Best places Tower's credit rating under review pending its sale to Fairfax Financial Holdings; Says it will consider the extent of Fairfax’s 'financial support' to determine a rating
15 Feb 17, 10:05am
ASB breaks the half billion dollar mark for six month profit; chief executive lauds 'strong momentum'
13 Feb 17, 12:19pm
Tower Chairman says the company would have a higher sale price if the EQC system wasn't 'broken'; Government says the law has nothing to do with the risk the insurer takes on
9 Feb 17, 1:07pm
Tower board, major shareholders back $197 million takeover bid from Canada's Fairfax Financial Holdings; Tower's share price rises as trading resumes
9 Feb 17, 11:26am
Tower shares in trading halt ahead of 'announcement'; Reports the insurer has received a take-private proposal from Fairfax Financial Holdings
6 Feb 17, 7:37am
A court document reveals Tower has $6 million at stake in its legal battle with EQC over land damage; Question marks remain over why there are still $51 million of EQC recoveries in dispute
1 Feb 17, 10:23am
Gareth Vaughan questions whether ANZ NZ will benefit from the ANZ group selling UDC, and would benefit from selling its KiwiSaver heavy wealth unit
28 Jan 17, 8:21am
How EQC has avoided being stung by rising land values; Cameron Preston has the back story to the legal action IAG and Tower have launched against EQC
26 Jan 17, 1:32pm
IAG and Tower demand EQC coughs up the cash, having allegedly short-changed thousands of Canterbury quake claimants with land damage
25 Jan 17, 10:10am
EQC responds to accusations it blacklisted a vulnerable quake victim after wrongly accusing her of lying to get a free heat pump
24 Jan 17, 4:16pm
Insurers expected to cover 60% of Kaikoura quake losses; climate change expected to keep escalating risk of natural disasters
11 Jan 17, 4:29pm
EQC's 'unaccountable actions' see Christchurch woman 'wrongly' accused of fraud and left uninsurable, says Andrew Hooker
28 Dec 16, 5:02am
We look back on a big, successful year and reveal our most popular stories; announce expanded coverage for 2017
16 Dec 16, 12:44pm
Freelance journalist Diana Clement welcomes the outcome of the Commerce Commission's probe into Youi that lent heavily on her work, but isn't convinced the company has mended its ways
15 Dec 16, 3:37pm
Insurer Youi cops $320,000 fine for widespread Fair Trading Act breaches; Side-steps fine of up to $9 million
13 Dec 16, 2:40pm
Agreement reached to see private insurers receive, assess and settle Kaikoura quake claims on behalf of EQC
12 Dec 16, 10:00am
Judge orders Tower to pay quake claimant more than 4 times settlement offer; Finds insurer guilty of withholding information


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