Insurance news

30 Nov 16, 10:50am
Youi says it's part of its 'business practice' to keep writing new insurance policies in most cases in disaster struck areas, even if its competitors don't
30 Nov 16, 9:18am
RBNZ warns in Financial Stability Report that housing imbalances remain; Wheeler says won't use Debt To Income multiple restriction 'at this time'; RBNZ notes rising use by banks of 'hot' overseas funds
29 Nov 16, 9:51am
Tower announces plan to ring fence troublesome quake claims; says industry model is 'broken'; widens loss to $21.5 million; share price at record low
25 Nov 16, 11:21am
IAG on when we need to update our insurers on a change of circumstances
23 Nov 16, 2:29pm
Insurance Council calls for law change to oblige authorities to check businesses' air con units, lights, sprinklers, etc will be secure in an earthquake; Attributes up to 70% of commercial building damage to seismic restraint failures
22 Nov 16, 6:32pm
Treasury publishes Long Term Fiscal Position forecasts; repeats 2013 warning that net debt will blow out to around 200% of GDP by 2060 without changes to NZ Super indexation and age
18 Nov 16, 11:42am
Insurer credit rating agency AM Best to closely monitor implications for the financial strength of insurers with significant exposure to earthquake hit regions
17 Nov 16, 10:23am
Insurers put embargo on transferring home insurance from vendors to buyers from Rakaia to Masterton; Wellington deals frozen as mortgages impossible without insurance, say agents; Boom stopped dead in its tracks
17 Nov 16, 9:58am
Geof Mortlock calls for policyholder compensation to be introduced to prevent taxpayers covering the costs if an insurance company goes bust
16 Nov 16, 5:02am
Andrew Hooker on how to side-step the insurance problems experienced by Cantabs after the 2010/11 earthquakes
15 Nov 16, 1:06pm
Key says main road and rail route from Picton to Christchurch may need realignment or re-routing in long term at huge cost; English highlights damage to main transport links and says Govt finances can handle repair costs
15 Nov 16, 12:51pm
Tower confident it has enough reinsurance so the North Canterbury quakes won't set it back more than $7.2m; Share price falls as its investors wary 2010/11 quake hangover remains
14 Nov 16, 12:26pm
Insurers urge those affected by the quakes to document damage, lodge claims with EQC in the first instance, and be assured there's money in the kitty to cover the costs
14 Nov 16, 6:31am
7.5 earthquake near Hanmer at 12.02 am damages Kaikoura; felt strongly in Wellington; reports of damage in Wellington buildings; Tsunami warning downgraded
8 Nov 16, 9:07am
Lloyd's of London urges the Government to remove some uncertainties from the NZ insurance market by getting on with the EQC Act review and making data breach reporting mandatory
5 Nov 16, 9:10am
The Morgan Foundation accuses the Government of choosing a process that will violate both the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement for how we meet our climate change commitments
4 Nov 16, 10:58am
Despite the potential sale of ANZ's wealth business in Australia, ANZ NZ CEO says local wealth unit is 'travelling well' & there's no urgency for change
4 Nov 16, 10:02am
Gareth Vaughan on what the world thinks of the US election, China's debt binge, Madoff whistleblower hitting out at the big 4 accounting firms, Hong Kong shoebox apartments, Steven Adams, Dilbert & more
4 Nov 16, 5:02am
What property owners need to know as their insurers duck for cover to avoid being lumped with meth damage bills
3 Nov 16, 8:31am
IAG NZ buys $900 million of extra reinsurance as its Canterbury earthquake bill keeps growing


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