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RaboDirect touts new BankaRate term deposit offers a success as banks vie for domestic deposits

RaboDirect touts new BankaRate term deposit offers a success as banks vie for domestic deposits

RaboDirect is touting its new online 'BankaRate' term deposit option as a success, with a six month deposit at 6% as the most popular offer, RaboDirect general manager Mike Heath said.

BankaRate offers a limited number of term deposit rates that are "typically" higher than offers from the major banks.

Banks have bee fighting for local term deposits in order to meet new Reserve Bank of New Zealand core funding ratio requirements for them to raise more funds from local sources, along with longer-term overseas borrowings. 

Heath's comments come after Kiwibank CEO Paul Brock told this week that his bank's recently launched "Notice Saver" no-term deposit product had attracted "several hundred million dollars" within a few weeks of its launch.

See all deposit rates here for deposits up to one year, and here for one year and over.

Here is the release from RaboDirect:

Investors chasing great returns snapped up all RaboDirect’s six-month BankaRate term deposits in just 24 hours, says General Manager of RaboDirect, Mike Heath.

BankaRate offers a limited number of exclusive term deposit rates that are typically higher than comparable offerings from the major banks, on a “first in, first served” basis.

It was launched this week after a successful trial, and Mike Heath says that customers are benefitting from the increased competition between banks for retail deposits.

“The six-month term deposit rate, at six per cent, was the clear favourite of the BankaRate range. The first offer sold out within 24 hours,” he says.

RaboDirect then issued a second round of the same rate, which sold out overnight.

“As the country emerges from recession Kiwis are gravitating towards term deposits, which are typically viewed as a safer investment option. But while adjusting to an uncertain economic environment, people are not keen to lock their money away for long periods of time,” says Mike Heath.

“The six-month term deposit is particularly popular among New Zealanders – and having that top rate attached through BankaRate, from the country’s only triple A rated bank, makes it a really attractive proposition.”

The second set of BankaRate rates is now live on the RaboDirect website and is open to all RaboDirect customers.

“Customers can go online and choose the term deposit that suits them, and then follow some simple steps to purchase that rate. You can see how many special rates are left in real time, on the website,” says Mike Heath.

RaboDirect will offer BankaRate term deposits regularly up to Christmas, and may run rates sporadically in the New Year.

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Is Rabo desperate for cash? Had a supermarket reciept coupon for $50 if you open a highsaver account with Rabo with more than $1000.

I think it was more because their term deposit rates had been slipping lately and they needed to appease some disgruntled customers.

Oh please.  Why are you reporting this meaningless propaganda?  Of course they're going to say its successful.  Do you think after a couple of days they'd issue a statement saying sorry, we mucked up, got it wrong, a horrible failure.  You guys are the propaganda mouthpiece for this drivel.

Lets be clear about this.  Success is a subjective thing.  Ask all the Rabo customers that couldn't get the 6% rate if they think it's a success.  I'll bet there are way more customers who don't get the rate, than do.

How do customers feel about having to bet in a lottery to get a good rate?  Investing is a serious business and not to be belittled by having glorified lottery promotions.

Take a look at just how many offers remain.  Right now there are 100% of the 15 month offers remaining.  99% for 18mths, 97% for 4 years and 97% for 5 years.  And looky here, 87% of the 3 month offer at 5.50%.  Can't sell em eh - still think its a success?


.We call them Doogal deposits father Ted!

Great post Father Ted.  I agree with you 100%

Depositing your money with Rabo on call for 4% while you wait hoping that they will offer a good bankarate is not investing.  It is just gambling.

Kiwibank's 5% notice saver is a much better option.  And it is a PIE.

TSB have been playing the gambling game for a while now with one of their accounts.  No interest but the chance to win a car each month.

Investors are not that STUPID.  Save the gimmicks for the Borrowers!




Further to this. Rabo is one of the only banks who have a three day clearance on funds deposited with them from another bank.

When I withdraw my funds from Rabo and transfer them to Kiwibank, Kiwibank makes them available from day one as cleared funds.

When I withdraw funds from Kiwibank and transfer them to Rabo, Rabo makes me wait three days. (I could not use them for the Bankarate over these three days).

Rabo were a good bank a few years ago. Lately they have been a joke.

Some investors jumped into the collapsing SCF when they heard there was a GG!

That way they could be creepy little welfare bludgers, cynically leeching off the taxpayer, while telling themselves that they're merely "cunning".

Dole, DPB, GG...a bene is a bene.

Rabobank are really doing themselves (and their customers) a disservice with this "gaming" approach to deposits.

As for their position on cleared funds .... I doubt that they appreciate the resentment they generate.  To delay placing any funds on TD because they are "uncleared" is illogical.  Rabobank have made no disbursement ... any dishonoured inbound transfer can be unwound.

Come on Rabobank ... lift your game!

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Days to the General Election: 39
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