Ardern says Chinese authorities preventing an Air NZ plane from landing is a 'straight forward' issue for Air NZ that shouldn't be confused with NZ's relationship with China

Ardern says Chinese authorities preventing an Air NZ plane from landing is a 'straight forward' issue for Air NZ that shouldn't be confused with NZ's relationship with China

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is dismissing claims politics caused Chinese authorities to prevent an Air New Zealand plane from landing in Shanghai on Sunday.

The aircraft had to make a U-turn four and a half hours after leaving Auckland, as Air New Zealand found out mid-air it hadn't properly registered the aircraft with Chinese authorities. 

The airline has taken responsibility for the blunder.

Speaking at a post-Cabinet press conference, Ardern said she had received the same information that Air New Zealand released to the public.

Asked whether she’d received assurances from China that the move wasn’t politically motivated, she said: “I see absolutely no need given Air New Zealand have said themselves that they know exactly what the issue was – that they did not meet requirements on behalf of China, and as a result they understand what has occurred in this situation and there’s an explanation for it.

“I think it is important to be really clear and not confuse administrative and regulatory issues as issues to do with the [NZ/China] relationship, and I think Air New Zealand have been very clear on that from their perspective.”

Ardern referred to the situation as a “straight forward” and “relatively clear cut” one for Air New Zealand to deal with.

She said she didn’t know how frequently Chinese authorities required planes to turn around mid-flight due to not having aircrafts correctly registered.

Air New Zealand has not responded to’s query on how often there are issues with planes not being properly registered and how often this prevents them from landing.

Ardern confirmed she had an invitation from the Chinese administration to meet President Xi Jinping, but the problem was finding a suitable date. She was meant to meet with the President at the end of last year. 

She wouldn't say whether or not she was confident the meeting would take place this year. 

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somebody forgot to lodge the paperwork, he/she is in for a right bollocking

Dreaming up the next nauseating in flight video

Air NZ has two sets of 787s.. the older V1 setup which has more economy seats, and the new V2 setup which has more premium seating. Somebody scheduled one of the new planes when the route has always been run by the older planes, so the plane they sent didn't have the right paperwork. Ridiculous Bureaucracy and systems that didn't pick up on it. Would have thought that the scheduling system would know which airframes are permitted for which destinations and throw up an error.

Actually Air NZ staff are faultless and absolutely so. You are not allowed to criticise Air NZ, they are Caesar’s wife don’t you know. Bailed out by us the tax payers after squandering millions on millions of tax payers money. But they all still have their jobs don’t you know, and that entitles them to treat us as second class citizens. When he arrived Mr Norris undertook a survey of the executive, that revealed, at least to him, that Air NZ was all about flying planes. Not people. There it is.

Is Pres Xi getting upset that we have finally twigged onto his fellow countrymen and their nationwide bottled water theft racket? Legislate to stop this theft now! China out!

Anyone up for an NZ Independence Party? #chexit

We're at about 1933-5. Jockeying for position, arming like mad, knowing a show-down is inevitable.

China trying to blackmail NZ into allowing Hauwei to operate in NZ. Sure sign that Hauwei is China spy org.

Dozens of Bulk Vessels Stuck Off China Ports Amid Customs Delays -Data, Sources

It may be a 'straighforward' issue for public consumption, but it's also highly likely that several private 'difficult conversations' are being had in darkened back rooms. Smoky rooms too, as Winstone Gander, the Foreign Minister, is doubtless involved. Policy on the hoof as usual, or, being as how it's NZF territory, on the fin....

Air NZ used wrongthink word Taiwan on some documentation.