Robbie Nichol, a White Man Behind a Desk and certainly not an economist, takes a look at our tax system

Robbie Nichol, a White Man Behind a Desk and certainly not an economist, takes a look at our tax system.

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You got paid $20 dollars an hour working hard, nope, you got paid $20 an hour for working dumb

Are you suggesting that about half of our population are "dumb" because they don't have a job that pays well?

Excellent vid
Even funnier was that the IRD actually had a program to target the humble trades people at the same time NZ was one of the worlds greatest tax havens.
How could it be possible when there was a former member of the NY FED board as PM who knew more about the world of finance than anyone in NZ at the time ?
Maybe a Labour+Greens+NZFirst is just what NZ needs ?

And in The States they'll think he is a doctor - Surgeon Key .....

Key was never on any Federal Reserve board. But he was a member of a foreign exchange committee, of the regional NY Fed. It is an industry committee that staff of the NY Fed occasionally consult.

He didn't mention that David's father who left the money to David would have already paid the tax on it when he originally earned the money.

What's that got to do with anything? Taxpayers are individuals. Surely you are not saying that tax should only apply to broad family groupings spanning generations? David didn't earn anything if he inherited it. He just won a privilege lottery - hardly a defendable base for tax exemption.