Capital Gains Tax

2 Oct 17, 6:02am
Jenée Tibshraeny considers the extent to which the migrant vote has propped up National, particularly in Auckland's traditional Labour strongholds
30 Sep 17, 6:02am
Hannah McQueen says even though she loves property investing it's time the phenomenal gains from investment property were taxed through a Capital Gains Tax
29 Sep 17, 11:05am
Terry Baucher argues any political party wanting a fairer, more productive New Zealand needs to address the issue of the taxation of capital
20 Sep 17, 1:01pm
English tackled on government's housing demand and supply record; Says construction industry telling him 10,000 houses a year in Auckland "as fast as they can" go; Says cutting immigration wouldn't help; Rules out looking at asset taxes
20 Sep 17, 8:55am
Terry Baucher looks into what the agenda should be for a tax working group, who the group's members could be, and whose interests they should consider
16 Sep 17, 10:19am
Michael Reddell offers up his thoughts on the tax and fiscal policy debates of the past few weeks; He discusses the Nordic tax system, deficits vs surpluses, and Labour's Tax Working Group
14 Sep 17, 4:38pm
James Shaw says the Greens are in the fight of their lives; Alex Tarrant asks him about monetary policy, income, savings and capital gains taxes, potential Cabinet posts and Kiwibank
14 Sep 17, 10:28am
Labour releases document setting out tax plan, says no Working Group taxes would come into effect until after 2020 election; Confirms Tax Working Group won't look at CGT or land tax on family home/land and no inheritance tax
13 Sep 17, 1:33pm
National may have steadied the ship this past week with its tax attacks on Labour; Alex Tarrant reviews the polls, potential coalitions and what we've seen on the campaign trail the last few days
11 Sep 17, 9:42am
English defends move to increase first home buyer deposit subsidies, says we need to sustain current building levels for 5 years; Peters takes aim squarely at Labour over tax policy with Kingmaker status on the line
11 Sep 17, 9:36am
National finance spokesman Steven Joyce says he's keen to look at savings tax rates next term; Alex Tarrant spoke to him about productivity, capital gains vs income, immigration, that export goal and house prices
7 Sep 17, 10:06am
Labour has 'clarified' that any land tax that may or may not be recommended by its Tax Working Group, won't be allowed to apply to land under the family home, which also won't be covered by a CGT that may or may not be recommended
4 Sep 17, 9:40am
Terry Baucher says the growth of cryptocurrencies underlines the need for comprehensive tax reform in NZ especially in relation to capital
30 Aug 17, 12:28pm
EY's David Snell takes a look at the tax issues that have cropped up during the election campaign and points out political parties are ignoring the power of disruption
29 Aug 17, 8:04am
Terry Baucher on why KiwiSaver and Bitcoin mean some form of comprehensive capital taxation is inevitable
25 Aug 17, 8:02am
The Election tax debate has entered silly territory, Alex Tarrant writes; Labour's exclusion of family homes and income tax change aversion isn't fit for a party wishing to fairly tax assets, wealth and income; Joyce's scaremongering is also OTT
22 Aug 17, 3:26pm
Labour will make decision on higher top personal income tax rate after Treasury opens the books on Wednesday, Ardern says; Says tweak of Labour's Capital Gains Tax stance was her call
22 Aug 17, 10:44am
TOP's Geoff Simmons & Andrew Courtney on why we need to bite the bullet and include the family home in an equity tax
19 Aug 17, 6:02am
David Chaston probes how much realised capital gain is being made by landlords and by owner-occupiers, and how much windfall flows to them from their tax-free status
17 Aug 17, 12:17pm
TOP's Geoff Simmons argues National & Labour are out to lunch when it comes to addressing the housing crisis and says TOP has the answers


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