Capital Gains Tax

19 Mar 18, 7:18am
Terry Baucher outlines his three key impressions from the Tax Working Group's Submissions Background Paper
15 Mar 18, 8:06am
EY's David Snell says the Government’s Tax Working Group asks some great questions, but misses others
14 Mar 18, 12:20pm
The Tax Working Group's paper calling for submissions explicitly seeks views on whether there could be items exempt from GST in order to benefit low income people
6 Mar 18, 5:02am
The Government's Tax Working Group looks unlikely to recommend a corporate tax cut but suggests it might be time to look at a new environmental tax
5 Mar 18, 10:47am
Geoff Simmons questions what exactly is the 'family home' the Tax Working Group's tip-toeing around?
15 Feb 18, 12:23pm
The coalition is pressing on with plans to increase the 'bright line' test for residential property sales to cover a five year period; law changes expected to take effect in March
24 Nov 17, 11:49am
The Tax Working Group may yet surprise us, but its brief appears to be a disappointingly shallow and obvious one aimed at achieving narrowly-defined outcomes
23 Nov 17, 11:14am
Government releases details of Tax Working Group; reiterates commitment to 'fair and progressive tax system''; Joyce says it's an 18-month-long rubber stamp for a Capital Gains Tax
16 Nov 17, 3:57pm
Revenue Minister Stuart Nash says Tax Working Group to be established with terms of reference released and members named by Christmas
27 Oct 17, 8:20am
Labour confirms demand-side housing policies are all go, despite no mention in coalition agreement with NZ First; Super Fund set to keep being taxed, even though Peters raised a fuss over election period
2 Oct 17, 6:02am
Jenée Tibshraeny considers the extent to which the migrant vote has propped up National, particularly in Auckland's traditional Labour strongholds
30 Sep 17, 6:02am
Hannah McQueen says even though she loves property investing it's time the phenomenal gains from investment property were taxed through a Capital Gains Tax
29 Sep 17, 11:05am
Terry Baucher argues any political party wanting a fairer, more productive New Zealand needs to address the issue of the taxation of capital
20 Sep 17, 1:01pm
English tackled on government's housing demand and supply record; Says construction industry telling him 10,000 houses a year in Auckland "as fast as they can" go; Says cutting immigration wouldn't help; Rules out looking at asset taxes
20 Sep 17, 8:55am
Terry Baucher looks into what the agenda should be for a tax working group, who the group's members could be, and whose interests they should consider
16 Sep 17, 10:19am
Michael Reddell offers up his thoughts on the tax and fiscal policy debates of the past few weeks; He discusses the Nordic tax system, deficits vs surpluses, and Labour's Tax Working Group
14 Sep 17, 4:38pm
James Shaw says the Greens are in the fight of their lives; Alex Tarrant asks him about monetary policy, income, savings and capital gains taxes, potential Cabinet posts and Kiwibank
14 Sep 17, 10:28am
Labour releases document setting out tax plan, says no Working Group taxes would come into effect until after 2020 election; Confirms Tax Working Group won't look at CGT or land tax on family home/land and no inheritance tax
13 Sep 17, 1:33pm
National may have steadied the ship this past week with its tax attacks on Labour; Alex Tarrant reviews the polls, potential coalitions and what we've seen on the campaign trail the last few days
11 Sep 17, 9:42am
English defends move to increase first home buyer deposit subsidies, says we need to sustain current building levels for 5 years; Peters takes aim squarely at Labour over tax policy with Kingmaker status on the line


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