10 Dec 18, 4:00pm
Government vetoes ACC's proposed motor vehicle levy hike and reduces work levies. It also scraps the vehicle risk rating programme
7 Dec 18, 10:08am
Paul Barber from the NZ Council of Christian Social Services on hope, poverty, family violence, fixing a broken welfare system, reducing inequality through tax reform, virtual mechanics, what great people social workers are and more
30 Nov 18, 10:00am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy on the Top Ten resolved and unresolved issues on the Tax Working Group’s proposed capital gains tax
30 Nov 18, 9:33am
DCReport's David Cay Johnston says US President Donald Trump's reaction to GM layoffs shows he doesn’t get automakers, technology or his own new tax law
29 Nov 18, 5:00am
Tax Working Group members Craig Elliffe and Robin Oliver discuss the challenges of creating a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax that excludes the family home
26 Nov 18, 1:30pm
Simon Bridges: National won't introduce new taxes in its first term if elected into government, and will reverse any laws passed introducing a potential Capital Gains Tax
20 Nov 18, 9:25am
Terry Baucher details how the previous National-led government appears to have successfully raised at least $1 billion of extra revenue annually with little or no fanfare
19 Nov 18, 4:58pm
The NZX warns against the introduction of a capital gains tax on NZ shares, saying it could uneven the playing field between those who invest in the market directly and indirectly through the likes of KiwiSaver
16 Nov 18, 10:18am
Motu researchers on the history of wellbeing, robot ethics, whether the left or right hand should pay tax, the 1918 flu epidemic, prestige and value for money, the effect of cash transfers, protecting large carnivores, and the expansion of the culture war
9 Nov 18, 9:39am
Terry Baucher wades through a series recent IRD reports and concludes the taxman has room to improve
2 Nov 18, 10:00am
The top 10 trends TOP's Geoff Simmons sees driving change in the public sphere
30 Oct 18, 9:23am
DCReport's Terry Schwadron says by choosing to lead his faction rather than the US as a whole, Donald Trump should not be surprised this results in deep division
28 Oct 18, 7:02am
Jen​ée Tibshraeny crunches the numbers to figure out whether criticisms that the Labour Party is the 'tax party' are well-founded
25 Oct 18, 10:42am
Michael Littlewood argues Tax Working Group members must ask themselves whether KiwiSaver has lifted NZ's overall savings & if its tax subsidies are worth it
19 Oct 18, 1:19pm
Long time scourge of the Inland Revenue Department, John George Russell, is not letting his death get in the way of continuing to cause the IRD grief
18 Oct 18, 10:06am
Govt proposes law change to require overseas retailers selling goods to New Zealanders online to start paying GST; Change won't necessarily cost online shoppers more
17 Oct 18, 3:00pm
EY's Matthew Hanley argues the Government should consider the design of a potential digital equalisation tax
14 Oct 18, 9:16am
The NZ Super Fund, eyeing Auckland's proposed light rail network, wants a nationally significant infrastructure regime to 'level the playing field' for mobile international capital
4 Oct 18, 12:36pm
TOP's Geoff Simmons: NZ's tax reform needs to be revenue neutral for the public to be convinced the Tax Working Group isn't a tax grab
4 Oct 18, 9:37am
Long time Trump watcher David Cay Johnston hails a monumental New York Times investigation uncovering decades of Trump family tax cheating & fraud


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