19 Feb 19, 6:11pm
Bridges says a capital gains tax would cause people to leave for Australia (where there is a capital gains tax); fails to answer questions about the fairness and effectiveness of the tax system
18 Feb 19, 5:42pm
Government expects to earn up to $80 million a year by taxing multinationals that provide digital services in NZ but don't pay income tax here
18 Feb 19, 9:55am
Terry Baucher looks ahead at a big year for taxation, Inland Revenue, and its 'customers'
13 Feb 19, 2:57pm
RBNZ: Monetary policy could be used to stimulate economy as proposed bank capital rules are bedded in, but economic effects of these rules should be minimal
12 Feb 19, 7:26am
Tax concerns over transfer of millions of dollars’ worth of prime waterfront property between Council Controlled Organisation and the Auckland Council
9 Feb 19, 10:02am
TOP Leader Geoff Simmons on why we need to kill, not tax, capital gain
1 Feb 19, 11:25am
Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Revenue Minister Stuart Nash say they've received the Tax Working Group's final report, which will be considered by Cabinet
30 Jan 19, 3:03pm
Bridges targets middle class by committing to changing income tax brackets in line with inflation; Robertson says Bridges has found Joyce's fiscal hole in his backyard
27 Jan 19, 6:06am
A battle for the conservatives: How National is using drug reform and migration to cut NZ First's lunch
24 Jan 19, 12:15pm
IRD proposes tweaking the law to clarify when the bright-line test clock starts ticking for land bought off the plans and land converted from leasehold to freehold
22 Jan 19, 1:02pm
Andrew Coleman concludes that on balance, there are few good reasons for taxing the inflation component of interest income and receipts
22 Jan 19, 9:28am
'The world needs a corporate tax system that is fit for the digital economy and benefits developing and developed countries alike'
21 Jan 19, 12:01pm
Mauldin Economics' Patrick Watson looks at what a tax proposal from a high profile new US Democrat could potentially mean for asset prices
18 Jan 19, 12:59pm
Andrew Coleman probes whether New Zealand’s productivity performance has been adversely affected by the way capital income is taxed
18 Dec 18, 7:49am
Terry Baucher expects the Tax Working Group’s final report to recommend the introduction of a realisation-based Capital Gains Tax
10 Dec 18, 4:00pm
Government vetoes ACC's proposed motor vehicle levy hike and reduces work levies. It also scraps the vehicle risk rating programme
7 Dec 18, 10:08am
Paul Barber from the NZ Council of Christian Social Services on hope, poverty, family violence, fixing a broken welfare system, reducing inequality through tax reform, virtual mechanics, what great people social workers are and more
30 Nov 18, 10:00am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy on the Top Ten resolved and unresolved issues on the Tax Working Group’s proposed capital gains tax
30 Nov 18, 9:33am
DCReport's David Cay Johnston says US President Donald Trump's reaction to GM layoffs shows he doesn’t get automakers, technology or his own new tax law
29 Nov 18, 5:00am
Tax Working Group members Craig Elliffe and Robin Oliver discuss the challenges of creating a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax that excludes the family home


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