11 Jan 18, 2:06pm
The IRD says people should consider money made selling cryptocurrencies - bought with the intention of resale - as taxable, until it releases specific guidance on the matter
20 Dec 17, 4:31pm
To the chagrin of the major banks the RBNZ is sticking to its guns on contingent debt and says even after feedback to its proposal, it still plans to ban contingent debt from qualifying as regulatory capital
20 Dec 17, 4:24pm
Govt's Tax Working Group features 11 members including Auckland University's Craig Elliffe, Business NZ's Kirk Hope & ex-IRD Deputy Commissioner Robin Oliver
13 Dec 17, 10:39am
Patrick Watson argues that if and when you could ever pay your taxes in Bitcoin - then and only then could you call it money
11 Dec 17, 8:15am
Finance Minister details 'five point plan' for urban growth; will look at alternatives for Auckland's East-West link, but not interested in building 'the most expensive road in the world'
10 Dec 17, 6:31am
Terry Baucher with a parable about tax involving Metiria, Bill and Winston. Tax evasion, tax avoidance or just a simple mistake? 
1 Dec 17, 8:31am
Finance Minister Grant Robertson assures business community more of the numbers behind the Government's policies will be released on December 14 
28 Nov 17, 2:59pm
Terry Baucher argues governments of both hues could be more honest about their use of fiscal drag & suggests income tax thresholds could be automatically adjusted for inflation each year
17 Nov 17, 10:02am
NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton on giving yourself a nudge, balancing your drinking, little rockets, the struggles of proving nonsense, councils in a knot, and goat yoga - really. Plus more...
16 Nov 17, 3:57pm
Revenue Minister Stuart Nash says Tax Working Group to be established with terms of reference released and members named by Christmas
7 Nov 17, 3:27pm
David Cay Johnston argues moves by the US Congress to reduce the Internal Revenue Service's ability to enforce the law leads to the likes of the ‘Paradise Papers’ scandals
7 Nov 17, 11:28am
SFO wraps up probe into Zespri over alleged facilitation of tax evasion for Chinese importer saying the conduct didn't meet the high standard required for laying criminal charges
25 Oct 17, 10:27am
Kiwibank's economists probe whether the housing boom is turning to a bust or has just hit a temporary bump in the road
20 Oct 17, 3:23pm
The NZ Property Council's Matt Paterson on what the incoming government may mean for the property sector
2 Oct 17, 6:02am
Jenée Tibshraeny considers the extent to which the migrant vote has propped up National, particularly in Auckland's traditional Labour strongholds
29 Sep 17, 11:05am
Terry Baucher argues any political party wanting a fairer, more productive New Zealand needs to address the issue of the taxation of capital
22 Sep 17, 12:16pm
I thought this was going to be the housing election but housing affordability has struggled for airtime. Gareth Vaughan is very disappointed about this
20 Sep 17, 8:55am
Terry Baucher looks into what the agenda should be for a tax working group, who the group's members could be, and whose interests they should consider
13 Sep 17, 3:43pm
Labour's Grant Robertson hits back at National over tax, says cuts at this time are irresponsible, calls out Joyce for lying about Labour's intentions; Labour releases families package calculator
13 Sep 17, 1:33pm
National may have steadied the ship this past week with its tax attacks on Labour; Alex Tarrant reviews the polls, potential coalitions and what we've seen on the campaign trail the last few days


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