20 Jun 18, 5:06pm
New Zealand limited partnerships, in combination with Nevis limited liability companies, being peddled as 'one of the best and unique products' in the murky world of offshore finance
9 Jun 18, 11:02am
Death and Taxes: Denise McNabb takes a look at John George Russell, the man who made the IRD’s job a living nightmare
18 May 18, 10:00am
Motu research analysts on ending inequality in one ‘easy’ step, passing exams without studying, mansion taxes, volcanic smog, drug prices, whether carbon taxes kill jobs, the economic guide to picking a uni course, two obligatory Trump mentions, and more
18 May 18, 8:25am
EY's David Snell assesses Grant Robertson's first Budget and concludes there's much more to do to boost all-important productivity growth
17 May 18, 3:25pm
Our compilation of some of the key comments made in response to the 2018 Budget
17 May 18, 2:28pm
Terry Baucher crunches all the tax news in the Budget, and says going into the 2020 election is when we might see changes in tax thresholds
10 May 18, 2:57pm
An argument for why cryptocurrency traders can't be treated the same as property investors by the IRD
8 May 18, 3:27pm
Spoiler alert – the Finance Minister has plenty to be happy about, with a surplus almost $1 billion higher than expected
2 May 18, 4:16pm
The 'Amazon tax' could easily come with an extra sting. In addition to GST, your purchase may also attract additional duty. Paul Smith wants this anomaly fixed, and fast
2 May 18, 12:00pm
Property information and analytics provider CoreLogic sees property transactions remaining constrained for the rest of the year, but doesn't expect a significant drop in volumes or values across the main centres
24 Apr 18, 10:10am
Property Institute warns the Government's moves to 'ring fence' property tax losses will have a 'disastrous impact' on the market and significantly worsen the already existing rental accommodation shortage
21 Apr 18, 10:00am
Ewen McCann discusses a new approach to taxation - allowing tax avoidance practices to continue but taxing the pecuniary gains that they generate
19 Apr 18, 8:55am
From April 1 next year, a 12.5% tax credit on eligible expenditure will be available to business doing R&D in New Zealand; a business will be able to claim a tax credit for up to $120 million of R&D expenditure each year
16 Apr 18, 12:10pm
Geoff Simmons on why we can't have a fair and efficient tax system, as well as an exemption on owner occupied housing
6 Apr 18, 10:00am
Matt Nolan examines 10 elements of the changing tax and benefit system in New Zealand’s history
3 Apr 18, 11:22am
Cryptocurrencies are treated like property for tax purposes, the Inland Revenue Department says in new guidance
2 Apr 18, 9:59am
Paul Barber from the NZ Council of Christian Social Services on winds of change, rental culture changes, reining in predatory lending, poverty and inequality, living wages and more
29 Mar 18, 4:46pm
David Hargreaves says while the move to ring-fence' investors' losses on rental properties for tax purposes appears logical we must be cautious about assuming that all the consequences will be good ones
29 Mar 18, 11:31am
IRD releases 'ring-fencing' paper; Revenue Minister encourages feedback on proposal to ensure investors can't offset losses on property investments against other income
28 Mar 18, 10:05am
The Bill that will see the bright line test extended from two-years to five has passed its third reading and now awaits the Royal Assent to become law


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