Three quarters of the people who have applied for a KiwiBuild home are from Auckland

Three quarters of the people who have applied for a KiwiBuild home are from Auckland
Phil Twyford by Jacky Carpenter.

Three-quarters of all people who have registered interest in a KiwiBuild home come from Auckland, according to new figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

As of Tuesday, 35,500 Kiwis have registered their interest for a KiwiBuild home with close to 23,000 being from Auckland.

Some 7000 applicants were from Wellington, with 4300 from each of Tauranga and Hamilton.

Just 3200 applications have been made for Christchurch.

This comes two weeks after the Government called for people to register their expressions of interest for a KiwiBuild home.

The update was quick, with more than 6000 people registering on the first day.

The Government has said it will be using a ballot system to ensure fair distribution of the houses.

But Housing Minister Phil Twyford has set an income cap of $180,000 per year for a couple and $120,000 for an individual.

Despite the high level of demand, the Government has a long way to go to make its 10-year target of 100,000 homes.

Earlier this month, Twyford said there would be 1000 homes built in 2018/19, with 10,000 in 2020/21 and 12,000 every year after that until 2028.

Although three-quarters of the demand is coming from Auckland, the KiwiBuild policy states that the city will be receiving 50% of the 100,000 houses.

MBIE says the information collected through the registration of interest process helps provide an indication of areas of interest for KiwiBuild homes.

“It shouldn’t be taken as a distribution list of where KiwiBuild homes will be built nor the number that will be built in each area.”

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I am stunned by the amount of people who are so naive to believe that they could possibly get a shoe box after 5 or 10 years of waiting ...

what a joke, and what a disappointment these poor people will suffer when all turns to custard and find out that they have been conned for votes by some Losers ...

This COLs hasn't started building anything NEW yet ... they are robbing Peter to pay Paul. close to 10 months in power and tons of promises, they achieved NOTHING and worse there is nothing in pipeline for the near future ... they will end up with the same Zero Sum they started with in Oct 17.

No one has to expose this COLs for their wrong doing and NON doing, they are doing a very good job at that themselves.


Not surprised that you are surprised by an entirely predictable thing, its about your level of thinking

People putting their name down for a zero cost option on what could be an incredibly good deal. You have to be half asleep to not put your name down if you qualify. it costs you nothing, it doesn't restrict your other options.

Its a free lottery ticket, and you can turn down the prize if it turns out to be a booby prize.

Edit: actually its a really bad idea, don't put your name down, you'll never win and the kiwibuild homes will be shoeboxes like The boy keeps saying.. stay the hell away :)

lol, and how long will you stay "Qualified" ?? 10 years?

Who cares. If your name gets pulled on any ballot all that matters is that you qualify then. When we no longer qualify then we lose our lottery ticket.. which cost us nothing but 1 minute to type in an email address so far.

Well done

Can my four year old apply for one?

Man you seem so bitter and twisted about the government. Why? Chill bro
You obviously hate Kiwibuild. What policy initiative do you support to address the housing crisis?

I hope EcoB does not feel threatened by KB. He has always given me an impression that he is a cool, calm and collected dude.

Absolutely agree, until recently when he has started to sound stoned

Why would I feel threatened by KB, I have absolutely no reason to

Quite surprised that the thought even crossed your mind DGZ

Maybe you need to read your comments out aloud, you wouldn't be surprised

Although your comment is more stupid than your question, and reflecting how shallow you are in discussing a vital issue like this,.... But I will say this to you and your likes who obviously have very limited apprehension of the world around them when it comes to property:

Bitter and twisted? ... who in his right state of mind isn't bitter about this brainless CoLs and noobs ?

They have proved to everyone that they are a bunch of incompetents and novice activist who were quietly snoring on parliament benches for 9 years ... and 10 months in power and loads of money they could do nothing but take the people for a ride .... When it came to KB they stuffed the whole thing up as they have No plan, No know how, No management skills, and No future ...All the initiatives are just daydreams contradicting with their stupid left leaned ideological policies ..

What were the results of the 3 day summit of the 400 building industry experts few weeks ago in Auckland? with PT's moaning speech about homelessness and his usual nonsense which he repeats every time he is given a mic to talk? ...what happened? how can such an important event go by with no word or no outlined forward plan to assure the public that the experts and the COLs are on top of this swamp and not sinking deeper in it.

What they have done is that they conned idiots that they are building something cheap for FHBs ... the whole scheme is a scam - badging existing planned projects years ago as KB is a con job ... repeating that they will build 100,000 NEW homes in 10 years is a farce ( the word NEW now miraculously disappeared) .... building 10,000 homes instead of 2700 HNZ houses in 10-15 years is a Joke that only pleases imbeciles who listen to them !!

But obviously you do not even realise what that means and believe the meddling in numbers, which this Gov and its spin doctors proved to be brilliant at, is ok and take these as facts.

I dont give a rat's ass if KB was built or not ... I have worked hard to secure my future and my grandchildren's future - but what gets up every decent citizen's nose is the BS that is being fed to us as achievements and the idiots who praise and cheer these as accomplishments.

The arguments which suggest that at least they are doing something or
( What policy initiative do you support to address the housing crisis?) pushes us all even more backwards !

I have a feeling you have been recently divorced.. you seem to have a grudge against any and everyone

Your are right HO, in particular idiots and fools.

Oh my, you have a grudge against yourself?your one sad son of a bitch

No arguments there's demand for "affordable" housing. This serves a timely reminder to speculator/Landlords that right now, buyers are circling at an altitude much lower than yours. With house prices falling, particularly here in Auckland, FHB's can afford to wait for affordable Kiwibuild alternatives. This development goes some way in explaining commentators negative criticisms of the Government's considerable inroads to date.

No doubt over time as names are pulled, some applicants circumstances will have changed meaning they are no longer able to take up the opportunity for reasons of eligibility or otherwise. This makes way for others.

I suspect a good chunk of the registered will drop off once they release the details of what is needed to actually get into the ballot, which I believe will be proof of deposit (at what level?) and ability to get/service a mortgage.

Yeah highly likely. Kiwibuild homes will just keep popping up in the meantime. What % on the register have already been declined by banks for reasons such as poor credit history or otherwise? The coming ballot process will provide more than a few Government jobs as the months and years tick by. It would be an interesting job to have.

Good to see National are not campaigning to reverse the entire process if re elected.

Hhahahahah.... your mind is completely rotten RP .. keep counting your blessings lol

Gosh .. will there be anything to reverse by 2020 you reckon?

hahahah, what a noob !! .... dinner is getting cold,

Depends on how big the train wreck is. Will reverse gear still work?

Eco Bird, I'm guessing you're living one of life's terrors where you scream and no-one hears you? On medical grounds, you're excused ;-)

Not need to try and reverse a process thats going nowhere. Come next election the COL's going to start pulling numbers of Kiwibuilt houses that have "Actually been built" out of their arse. Someone should start a website where we can actually see the people registered, those that got selected and then further down the track the address of the "Kiwibuilt" house they moved into.

Do they really need a ballot system if there is such a shortfall to date below the 100,000 homes to be built? I wonder how many of these applications are double ups as in an entry from each person in a relationship to double their odds? I'm a bit surprised at the level of interest in some of the small regions.

Interest in the regions is just people ticking every box (like I did) as it doesn't hurt to stay informed.

"Applied for a kiwibuild home". That seems like an exaggeration to me.

Applications for Kiwibuild haven't been opened yet. The link on MBIE website that was referred to earlier this month was just to allow people to register their interest in Kiwibuild - including those people that just want to receive news about Kiwibuild and have no intention of applying.

Check Twyfords internet history at the beehive. Probably find 35,000 page refreshes on the registration page.

I thought you were smarter than these ridiculous comments you've started making recently

Are you Phil Twyfords son?

No, but you have started to sound like Paul B's son for sure, ignorant personified

Who's that?

Your mum

I don't have a mum, i have 2 dads.

You missing one hence craving to emulate Paula
Be yourself, you sound smarter

Spot on.

It's a wonder more haven't registered, but since there isn't any benefit for getting in earlier - plenty of time for more.

Considering the cut off point is so high, it would have been easier to include everyone.

The one area , and not surprisingly that stands out on these initial figures, is not Auckland but Queenstown. On a resident population basis, , and taking no account of where the applicants are applying from ,there is 5 times the interest in Queenstown..If Auckland is the lottery ticket, Queenstown is the powerball

Not suprising really, there are 5 times more intenational service workers living in overcrowded underheated hot bedding accommodation rented at ridiculous prices.
No reason for action or even concern..

Who will be the lucky winners of this lottery? Many will be disappointed

Exactly, and that is what most idiots do not get!
how long are these poor folks going to refrain from buying a house in waiting for the KB lottery, 5, 6, 10 years ?
they won't be eligible if they buy a house after few years or hopeless waiting ... so they will be stuck on a promise .. how stupid is that?

Shame on the Gov to start such an initiative before having a building plan so the public can make an informed decision ...

July 18 came and went and PT KB long awaited announcements were as dismal as his crocodile tears all we have now is promise which proved that it has No legs to stand on and not worth the air time spent on it...

Being on the mailing list doesn't mean they can't look elsewhere, but i suspect for most of the ones who are able to buy, they've looked, and found the properties on the market to be overpriced rubbish. If they see something they like they can snap it up, nothing stopping them.

You are hilarious, in a sad raging old man waving his fist at the noisy Harley rider kind of way.

More concerned the plug might be pulled on the pool of potential renters of his properties is what I get.

You seem to have such concern for the fhb , but your deceitful attitude says otherwise

The KiwiBuild registration of interest is an absolute joke!
Only requirement to be eligible is to,be earning under $180k!!
Mr Twyford conveniently left out the fact that he isn’t lending the money, a Bank will and they also have an eligibility criteria which a huge percentage of the people that registered will not qualify!!!!
They registered for something that they have no idea of what was being offered, that is size of the shoebox and where the shoebox is going to be!!
Anyone with any brains can see the nillness of this KiwiBuild so far!

I wonder what the split is between NZ citizens and permanent residents? As we hand out PR to 25,000 migrants every year, I'm willing to bet a large proportion of them are putting their names down. It probably shouldnt be called Kiwibuild but "New Migrant with PR Build". The scheme should be limited to NZ citizens by birth.

Good chances in Dunedin & New Plymouth for the home lottery although the likelihood of the build number is low and they very likely will be built into high risk flood areas, (with the insurance premiums to match).

If 22'000 renters moved, how would Auckland rental market fair with reducing immigration. Just need 22'000 new homes stat.