Phil Twyford

20 Mar 19, 3:23pm
Trumpeted 11 months ago by Phils Goff and Twyford as transformational, Auckland Council is now airing concerns about the $28 billion Auckland Transport Alignment Project
12 Mar 19, 5:57pm
Twyford to let law allowing for Special Housing Areas expire, as he focuses on beefing up central government's ability to cut through local planning rules 
10 Mar 19, 6:02am
Peter Dunne argues the Wellington bureaucracy will be a good gauge of whether the Government is likely to be re-elected next year
6 Mar 19, 3:46pm
Waitemata Harbour tunnel to tackle Auckland's traffic congestion back on the agenda. But even if if gets the go ahead, work wouldn't start until the 2030s  
4 Mar 19, 5:01pm
New Auckland Council and government working group to address housing and urban growth issues gets ready for action
26 Feb 19, 11:43am
David Hargreaves says the lasting legacy of the Government's new 'Healthy Homes' initiative will likely be increasing numbers of people dependent on the state for a roof over their heads
26 Feb 19, 7:53am
Housing and Urban Development Ministry officials concede that the Govt's new 'Healthy Homes' initiative will drive up rents, see rental stock taken off the market and may increase demand for public and emergency housing
20 Feb 19, 11:14am
Cheapest KiwiBuild homes announced, as Mike Greer commits to building 104 homes in Christchurch and West Auckland 
18 Feb 19, 3:20pm
David Hargreaves says the Government should broaden its line of attack in the fight against the country's housing problems
12 Feb 19, 5:22pm
Proposed requirements for banks to hold more capital won't cause KiwiBuild catastrophe or economic slowdown, according to Twyford and Robertson
12 Feb 19, 11:03am
New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) re-evaluating Auckland’s much maligned East-West Link (EWL) motorway project
7 Feb 19, 10:54am
David Hargreaves adds his voice to those exhorting the Government to keep its nerve on plans to build more houses
5 Feb 19, 1:33pm
Despite recent set-backs KiwiBuild says its mass produced housing plans are still on-track
3 Feb 19, 6:02am
'Let's do what?' Jenée Tibshraeny explores the extent to which the goals the Government's set itself will define how successful it is
31 Jan 19, 5:00am
National Party transport spokesman Paul Goldsmith backs Treasury concerns about the proposed Auckland light rail project, saying it is politically driven
30 Jan 19, 9:51am
No-one's taking responsibility for a $500 million dollar budget blow out in the Auckland Central Rail Link project
29 Jan 19, 10:59am
Treasury report shows tensions with the Minister of Transport Phil Twyford over 'extremely complex' Auckland light rail project
28 Jan 19, 10:04am
Chris Trotter on how middle class housing subsidies overwhelmed the social housing priorities of the Labour Party's rank-and-file members
25 Jan 19, 1:43pm
The NZ Super Fund remains committed to its proposal to build & operate Auckland’s light rail network with a Canadian partner, but the business case remains up in the air
23 Jan 19, 4:12pm
The Labour-Greens confidence & supply agreement promotes 'progressive' housing ownership models. So will the Government roll out a shared equity scheme?


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