Phil Twyford

19 Feb 18, 11:35am
Housing Minister Phil Twyford says he's planning a workshopping event for representatives of the finance community and players in the development and construction sector to help crack NZ’s problems around infrastructure financing
12 Feb 18, 2:43pm
Housing Minister Phil Twyford has hit back at claims his Government is not ambitious enough with its KiwiBuild policy and says expect ‘far more’ than 100,000 new houses over the next decade
12 Feb 18, 1:45pm
There is a danger in over-examining issues such as the housing market, rather than just rolling up sleeves and taking action
12 Feb 18, 10:01am
A 'stocktake' of the housing market commissioned by the Govt paints a 'sobering impact of the housing crisis, particularly on children', says Housing Minister Phil Twyford
3 Feb 18, 7:38am
Property developers are crying foul over proposed changes to the Overseas Investment Act, but if they don't adapt to the changes they risk being sidelined in an evolving market
26 Jan 18, 10:02am
Brendon Harre with his top 10 housing links for the beginning of 2018
10 Jan 18, 4:06pm
Government slams National for trying to garner support for 'non-existent' roading projects it campaigned on before the election
22 Dec 17, 10:52am
The 2017 Interesties featuring Jacinda Ardern, Steven Joyce, Metiria Turei, Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Grant Spencer, Mark Quickfall, bitcoin, DTIs, CBA, Tony Alexander, Zombie ponzi & many more
20 Dec 17, 1:21pm
Housing Minister says 2500 Christchurch state houses due to be sold by mid next year will now be retained
19 Dec 17, 1:47pm
Housing Minister announces establishment of interim unit within MBIE to start work on 100,000 affordable homes programme
18 Dec 17, 5:13pm
Government axing Auckland relocation grant, says it just shifted the problems elsewhere
18 Dec 17, 3:15pm
David Hargreaves questions whether as currently drafted the Government's offshore house buying ban will prove counter-productive
14 Dec 17, 4:52pm
Any buyers breaching the Government's new offshore buying ban on New Zealand houses may be forced to sell the houses
13 Dec 17, 4:18pm
Housing and Urban Development Minister expects the ban to be passed into law early next year; will ensure house prices are set by NZ-based buyers, not people from overseas
8 Dec 17, 10:13am
National Party housing spokesperson responds to Phil Twyford's first big policy speech on how he will tackle housing affordability, housing availability and home ownership
4 Dec 17, 4:24pm
If Phil Twyford follows through on the sentiments expressed in his first major speech as Housing Minister then the housing sector may be facing an even bigger shake up than people realise
3 Dec 17, 6:04am
The new Housing Minister sets out how he plans to "build communities", deal with homlessness, "build 100,000 affordable homes for first home buyers", help renters, and sort out the tax incentives
25 Nov 17, 7:10am
New Housing Minister Phil Twyford talks tough on property speculators and opens the door to more overseas developers/builders doing work here
16 Nov 17, 11:25am
Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford sets out the Government's case for the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill, National housing spokesman Michael Woodhouse responds
12 Nov 17, 8:21am
Sam Warburton assesses the new Government's steps to start pricing road use through fuel taxes, congestion pricing. He hopes high-value safety projects will get priority


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