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French retailer, SFF seal contract

French retailer, SFF seal contract
SFFs-labelled lamb will be displayed in the chiller cabinets of nearly 1400 Intermache supermarkets in France this season, in what the meat company says is a NZ first. The Dunedin meat co-operative hosted a delegation of French supermarket owners, importers and buyers this week  reported the ODT ,as it cemented a contract which would also see NZ farmers encouraged to supply 18kg to 21kg lambs for this specific market, part of Silver Fern Farm's Backbone procurement programme. The out-of-season NZ-sourced lamb would be of a similar size to French lamb. Mr Lachaux said consumers wanted assurance that food they bought was of a consistent quality, safe, free of disease and hormones and supplied when it was required from January to June. NZers did not appreciate their country's high reputation in France, including the aura that surrounded the All Blacks. There was a connection between our national rugby team, the silver fern emblazoned on the black jersey and the SFF brand, he said. Intermache had an integrated supply chain for a variety of food and SFF was part of that chain, with farmers contracted to supply the type and quality of lambs Intermache required and Intermache focusing on marketing and retailing the finished product. "The final customer needs to know farmers are working for them, guaranteeing the safety of the product, the quality of the product," he said. Having SFF-branded chilled lamb in cabinets was part of that integrated supply chain, a sign the retailer trusted its quality and safety. Intermache has 60 plants, in which it processes a diverse range of products for its stores, including wine and water as well as meat, and SFF-branded meat will join this stable.

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