Wool network winds up

Wool network winds up
The Wool Industry Network, announced today that while the development of WIN's initiative will continue, its operational activities have been wound up. Established in 2006, the Network was set up with a mandate to improve the economic return of wool to NZ. Over the past two years it has worked closely with all sectors of the industry to ascertain the key issues and to develop and implement a wool sector strategy to bring about change. Wool Industry Chairman, Sue Sheldon says, "The work of the Network is now all but complete. It was established to come up with a solution to improve returns on strong wool. We have developed and released the strategy that we believe will achieve this and have put in place Wool Grower Holdings and Wool Partners International as the two key initiatives to drive the industry change." "WIN CEO Mike Jones has joined Wool Partners International as GM"“ Commercial and this continuity will be valuable in ensuring the transition from strategy to implementation." Chair of M&WNZ Mike Petersen has praised the work of the WIN and the outcomes it has achieved. "There is no doubt that WIN has been the catalyst for change that we were seeking when M&WNZ started the initiative two and a half years ago. Recent publicity has clearly shown that all parts of the industry are now looking at how they can function better to improve returns for growers and others. We are particularly pleased with the proposal to partner farmers alongside commercial companies in Wool Partners International, to develop innovative marketing for wool and wool products around the world. There is now a window of opportunity for farmers to choose to  join the initiative as shareholders and suppliers, and we urge farmers to give this due consideration when the prospectus is offered to them in coming months.

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