Leasing operation makes simple sustainable farm

Leasing operation makes simple sustainable farm
Paul Kane can't afford to be sentimental. The Hawea Flat farmer lives in the real world, where servicing a substantial mortgage on his 690ha Grandview property, getting a start in farming and still having a lifestyle, are priorities reports The ODT. The result is that Mr Kane does not own an animal, does not require large capital outlay, but instead runs what, on the surface, appears to be as complex business of leasing out land for cropping, grazing dairy cows and dairy young stock. "I am focused on finding the highest and best land use option to service my debt." His is a story of a young man taking a different approach to getting settled on the land, and given his financial burden, he has to ensure his risk is kept as low as possible. After a career as a dairy consulting officer and banker, Mr Kane (31) said two years ago his parents, Colin and Pam, told him and his three sisters they wanted to leave farming. A purchase offer was on the table and if any of the children wanted, they could buy the farm at that price. Mr Kane said it was a fair offer by his parents and he welcomed the fact it was commercially based, without favour to the family. It also meant there was no emotional family tie to the farm, but when he sold some rental properties amd bought it, he had to change his thinking. "It really makes you decide if you really want to go farming, not that the family want you to go farming, or you are obliged to go farming.

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