KPMG Agribusiness Agenda 2011

KPMG Agribusiness Agenda 2011

Ian Proudfoot Head of Agribusiness KPMG NZ

KPMG Agribusiness Agenda report "Realising global potential" is a must read for all agribusiness participants and gives a vision for NZ agriculture in the future.

Their recommendations are highlighted so operators can identify those areas for growth for their business in the future.

1. Think in an integrated, strategic manner on a Trans Tasman basis 2. Develop an industry self insurance scheme in respect of flood damage
3. Introduce a biosecurity levy on passenger and product arrivals in New Zealand to fund public good research on incursion threats
Growing markets
4. Establish international food and innovation incubators/innovation centres 5. Structuring value chains to meet and exceed customer expectations 6. Develop strategic plans to maximise ‘whole of production’ value 7. Collaborate to avoid market failure arising from a failure to market
8. Consolidate genetic improvement in the red-meat sector 9. Investigate stock ownership models that deliver
processors greater certainty of supply
10. Standardise commercial sustainability requirements into a generally acceptable code 11. Set aspirational carbon budgets for each sector
of the New Zealand agricultural sector 12. Review and align the government’s carbon related initiatives in an integrated strategy 13. Carbon neutral proteins – a unique market position for New Zealand premium products?
14. Explore the true market opportunities for the New Zealand organic sector 15. Support research and extension for development of the New Zealand organic sector
Wild harvest fishing
16. Establish the Quota Management System (QMS) as an independent commission
Extending on farm performance
17. Debate the role of more intensive farming techniques in New Zealand agriculture 18. Proactive extension mechanisms with a focus on the best performers
Maori agriculture
19. Create a market experience extension programme Governing for growth 20. Include offshore directors on the boards of major agricultural exporters 21. Create shadow director positions on boards to create a pathway to leadership
Market access
22. Really understand the competitive advantages our competitors have in key sectors 23. Realising the Indian market opportunity 24. Defining the difference created by a product’s New Zealandishness 25. Establish an advanced international agribusiness programme
Research and development
26. More focus on R&D to identify and deliver lifestyle food solutions 27. Focus on adaptive research rather than pure research
28. Create a world’s best mechanism to reflect the cost of water to farmers
29. Create a good governance and financial management blueprint for New Zealand farming businesses
30. Create appellation marks for unique New Zealand products
Unified industry voice
31. Development of a national agribusiness strategy
Attracting talent
32. Create a skills incentive programme to attract appropriately qualified people into rural areas 33. Use funding mechanisms to guide students toward courses that benefit the economy
Genetic technologies
34. Understand consumer trends around sustainability in key export markets rural urban gap 35. Develop an accessible mass market way to
link the urban population to the rural sector
Achieving scale
36. Review and evolve PGP to enable smaller collaborative innovation and transformation schemes to benefit
Foreign Investment in agriculture
37. Incentivise vehicles that allow young farmers to co-invest in a farming business
Animal Welfare
38. Minimum stockmanship standards to be met before a farmer is licensed to own animals

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