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BusinessDesk: Turners and Growers faces NZ$21 million write down of assets

BusinessDesk: Turners and Growers faces NZ$21 million write down of assets

Turners and Growers has announced it's set to write down approximately $21 million of assets for the 2011 financial year, reflecting tough times for kiwifruit growers and the extinction of tax losses caused by the company’s takeover by German company BayWa.

Reflected in the writedown is the impact of the kiwifruit disease PSA, poor grower returns and global economic uncertainty, said T & G chairman, Rob Campbell in a statement.

T&G also has to write off a deferred tax asset of approximately $8 million, as a result of the takeover by German company BayWa, which launched a $1.85-a-share offer, valuing the target company at $216 million, on Dec. 9 having garnered agreement from Guinness Peat Group to sell its 63 percent stake.

The offer has since been extended until Feb. 8 after a sluggish response from minority shareholders and to give New Zealand’s Overseas Investment Office time to clear the proposal.

T&G is expected to record a loss of between $17 and $19 million for the 2011 year.

Its shares showed no change today, remaining at $1.78, where they have sat since Dec 29.


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Just how much exsposeur to PSA do Turners have? It's not as if they can export kiwifruit and as far as I know their varieties have not been affected, they actualy sound quite promising and are further advanced than Zespris new ones.

unfortunately RC incorrect. All turners varieties are susceptable. The exposure comes from their kiwifruit orchard investments which currently have little value due to PSA effect on the total industry. Allied to the fact they cant sell their product off shore apart from Australia and you have quite a large mal-investment. Zespri's new variety program is on the other hand well advanced with substantial plantings and production.The other issue t&G has is of course the Jazz Apple orchard investments which they are stating will bring in improved returns. To date the experiance is that the current volume has depressed prices and returns for the variety are negative to the growers. Increased volumes could make this situation worse.  

The fact they can't export to other than Australia will perhaps make the coming winter interesting. I know if I owned a variety that I was then forced to give away to another company Id be looking for holes, how much could they be fined I wonder.

unfortunately for t&g Zespri dont want to buy their stuff so they have no alternative but Aust.

No they don't wish to buy their fruit, but I did hear they want to share the spoils via the pool system. That would lead anyone to beleive T&Gs varieties or markets are worth more.
Sure to make T&Gs growers happy.
Also we seem to be hearing Zespri talk with less certainty about their new varieties, could this be because they aren't such certain winners?