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The Sheep Deer and Cattle report: A strong beef market to the US looks assurred if currency allows

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The Sheep Deer and Cattle report: A strong beef market to the US looks assurred if currency allows

Continuing small but steady increases in beef schedules is encouraging for producers even in the face of such a strong currency.

Exporters report record low domestic kills in the US, and a cattle herd that is the smallest since the 1950’s, and with similar supply pressures affecting that countries pork sector from a disease outbreak, this important market for NZ beef  looks promising for a few years yet.

Reports of low growth rates in young cattle have managers treating animals for cooperia worms with specific drenches to reactivate growth at this important time of year.


Positive signs are being heard out of Europe with venison consumption strong with manufacturing items made from frozen product.

Processing is dominated by hinds at the moment as the mating season winds down, stags are removed and wintering systems planned.

Focus Genetics announces they have been using embryo transfers for the first time as they look to speed up the identification of superior venison sires with high growth rates so progeny can be harvested in the lucrative spring market.


The schedule push continues as the season enters its winter mode and prices from some exporters have lifted 40c/kg since early April.

Rain has stimulated demand for store lambs especially from North Island vendors but lack of supply should ensure good margins are achieved for prime stock in the late winter early spring market.

Farmers are being warned that another mild winter in the north could see an explosion of black beetle numbers and in the south the autumn is revealing grass grubs have enjoyed establishing in growthy summer pastures.


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This week saw a small southern wool auction where volumes were restricted by weather delays for shearing, but indicator prices lifted to season’s averages or above as buyers competed strongly to meet shipping deadlines and an empty wool stock pipeline.

The Reserve Bank is sufficiently concerned with the strength of the currency to issue a warning that it may intervene if it climbs any higher and this will be supported by all exporters as they look to cash in on these strong commodity prices.

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