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The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Big surge in wool values, lamb schedules past contract prices and beef prices inch up

The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Big surge in wool values, lamb schedules past contract prices and beef prices inch up


Lamb schedules are steadily improving with prices lifting to encourage volumes to supplement contract purchases.

Some of the spot pricing is now ahead of contract values as procurement pressure builds to meet the commitments of chilled lamb customers.

More scanned in lamb ewes are being offered for sale at stronger values to that recorded for the livestock tax determinations in the autumn.

Alliance has highlighted the success of it’s yield payment scheme at its conference by publicizing that its perfect lamb can earn producers nearly $9/head more than a standard lamb, and also that it is considering a pool payment to its loyal suppliers after previous years where losses made this impossible.

An Otago researcher was among the team of international scientists that have sequenced the sheep genome, that will pin point marketable traits to improve all aspects of the product.


More currency easing, low supply and tight shipping deadlines have lifted the wool market at the latest South Island sale and with the 19th June auction cancelled due to lack of product, price pressures should continue.

The ewe hogget competition attracted a large entry, and the judges were impressed with the quality of animals entered and were optimistic about the future profitability of the sector.


Beef schedules have started to inch upward again, as the flow of cows declines and the winter slows volumes of prime animals.

Another irrigation scheme in South Canterbury has received viability funding from the Government allowing it to proceed and water dryland downs previously often decimated with regular droughts.

Federated Farmers has announced the appointment of a new CEO in Graham Smith, and his agricultural CV shows they have attracted a talented candidate for the job.


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Processors report relatively low stocks in the supply chain as the new season is about to begin and producers will be hopeful this will be reflected in the spring prices.

Five of the largest venison marketing companies are working together on the Cervena rebranding into Europe and China and it is hoped this spirit of cooperation will flow over to other red meats to ensure that competition is with other countries not within NZ.

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