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The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: PGP funding boosts lamb and venison's future prospects

The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: PGP funding boosts lamb and venison's future prospects


Venison schedules unexpectedly lifted slightly this week, as prices for frozen product have improved, and more of the product is being diversified away from Europe.

PGP funding has been granted for the Passion2Profit project, a partnership between all the major processors and exporters, farmers and deer vets, that sees venison being marketed jointly as a single brand into all new markets, and looks to boost uptake of new technologies and farm management skills to improve producer production and profit.


In the latest two Island wool auction, prices lifted, boosted by a weakened NZ$ against the US and GBP, and stronger demand for crossbred fleece and lambs wool.

The small amount of Merino wools offered again failed to meet many sellers expectations, but overall nearly 94% of the offering met the market.


Beef schedules again fell, as exporters report tight chilled space and a labour wharf dispute in the US has hampered the flow of product onto the market, and extra processing volumes due to the dry, has caused buyers to be cautious in their purchase arrangements.

The big falls in the NZ currency against the US has been helpful to keep our product price competitive, and reports that significant rains in Australia could start restocking in that country, will ease supply onto the global market.

Lincoln University announced a new Professional Chair in Global Value Chains and Trade, funded personally by ANZCO founder and Chairman Sir Graeme Harrison whose vision is to see NZ business understand better this area and identify opportunities of added value.


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More lamb schedule price falls, as processors report weak demand outside the Easter chilled programs, which will be well filled in the next two weeks.

The big difference between this year and last in the lamb market’s, is lack of demand from key customers in China and the Middle East.

The Chinese are still working through their considerable stocks, and the low oil price has dampened the spend from oil producing countries.

The early ewe fairs in the Canterbury region have been better than some expected, with the Hawarden offering achieving improved prices than last year, but Temuka’s two tooth ewes averaging $148/head will disappoint vendors.

A PGP grant was allocated to a joint project between Alliance, Headwaters NZ, and MPI, as they look to target "New Wealth with New Health" in a 7 year project that creates a new premium lamb product using new genetics and forages.

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with lamb going to the same markets, processors in Oz are paying higher farmgate.

Aussie lamb is always in Costco @ $4.50 a lb.
Dairy news,
 Total Chinese dairy import volumes declined 19.3% YOY over the second half of the year, with WMP and SMP export volumes down 55.3% and 33.3%, respectively. YOY declines have continued to accelerate throughout recent months, with Nov-Dec ’14 total dairy import volumes declining by 43.1% and 38.5% YOY, respectively, which were the largest YOY declines in nearly ten years.

farming is never easy, having to kill cattle( because of dry) at lower weights, at about 1$/ kg below the peak prices we were hoping for. Oh well, back to reality.