Business and banking industry news

7 Dec 18, 12:12pm
CEO David Cunningham says The Co-operative Bank is working on alternative incentive options for staff after FMA told banks 'thou shalt not have sales incentives'
7 Dec 18, 12:07pm
Aussie Royal Commission tipped to recommend remuneration overhaul as FMA gives views on how banks should pay mobile mortgage mangers & mortgage brokers in NZ
6 Dec 18, 5:00am
From North Korean gun running to El Chapo's drugs cartel; New Zealand Police have received more than 350 criminal investigation enquiries about NZ companies the notorious Taylors established 
5 Dec 18, 12:43pm
Treasury sets up company to invest in 'low emissions' businesses possibly involving the likes of electric vehicles, energy efficient buildings & low-emissions farming practices
5 Dec 18, 8:32am
John A. Mathews and Mark Selden see in China's renminbi-denominated oil contracts the germ of a broader challenge to US dollar hegemony
3 Dec 18, 4:00pm
The Commerce Commission will have a year to do a market study on the retail fuel market; more industry probes to follow
1 Dec 18, 11:01am
Zhang Jun explains why China will not go the way of the Soviet Union in a cold war with the United States
30 Nov 18, 9:33am
DCReport's David Cay Johnston says US President Donald Trump's reaction to GM layoffs shows he doesn’t get automakers, technology or his own new tax law
27 Nov 18, 3:22pm
Proposed employment relations law tweaked to give employers a way out of multi-employer collective agreements
24 Nov 18, 9:46am
Bill Emmott draws a moral from the spectacular fall of Carlos Ghosn that German Chancellor Angela Merkel should consider
12 Nov 18, 2:28pm
China is about to make a second attempt to control the daigou trade with new rules due in January 2019. The last attempt in 2016 caused chaos
12 Nov 18, 11:14am
Opposition pulls up Shane Jones for not disclosing 61 meetings he had with a variety of business, government and community leaders over seven months
7 Nov 18, 8:35pm
Energy Minister Megan Woods and her shadow minister Jonathan Young go head-to-head as bill banning new oil/gas exploration passes
7 Nov 18, 12:33pm
TAG Oil agrees to sell all its NZ assets to Tamarind Resources for US$30 million; Agreement follows US$578 million sale of Shell's NZ assets
3 Nov 18, 10:16am
Yu Yongding thinks that the trade war with the US will help the Chinese economy complete its necessary rebalancing, giving cover for Xi to make unpopular but necessary reforms
1 Nov 18, 5:00am
Winston Peters cites ANZ attributing its $1.99 billion profit partially to the strong economy, as the Govt comes under attack for business confidence remaining in a slump
31 Oct 18, 11:55am
Threshold met for first round of CPTPP tariff cuts to come into effect on December 30; Kiwifruit, beef and wine producers to benefit the most
29 Oct 18, 6:52pm
PM sees no issue with public only having 2 weeks to make submissions on new offshore oil/gas ban; Denies move has created uncertainty for bidders in Block Offer 2018
25 Oct 18, 12:24pm
New Zealand joins Japan, Mexico and Singapore in ratifying the CPTPP with Australia and Canada expected to follow soon bringing the trade deal into effect
23 Oct 18, 10:42am
Raw materials use to double by 2060 with severe environmental consequences, says OECD


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