11 Aug 17, 8:39am
ASB moves to improve the competitiveness of a key rate as wholesale rates fall, and real estate transactions slim down in a softening market
7 Jul 17, 9:02am
Following its main rivals, ASB has increased some fixed rates for mortgages, but still leaving it broadly competitive. Sovereign and BankDirect make idential moves
28 Apr 17, 9:48am
ASB positions its fixed mortgage rates below almost everyone else for terms of 12, 18 and 24 months after second cut in April
7 Apr 17, 9:52am
ASB cuts two key fixed mortgage rates, the first reductions of fixed rates for terms longer than one year by a major bank in 2017
6 Jan 17, 4:05pm
A major mortgage lender sets higher rates to start 2017, responding to higher wholesale rates, and hoping its rivals follow soon
6 Oct 16, 2:17pm
ASB the 4th bank to hike fixed home loan rates in the past week, suggesting to borrowers that low rates may have bottomed and have started moving up
20 May 16, 11:11am
ASB takes a knife to all mortgage rates from 3 to 5 years with reductions that allow it to grab a market-leading position and open a bigger advantage over ANZ
6 May 16, 9:05am
A major bank slices 20 bps off a key mortgage rate as wholesale money costs fall to near record lows. But it also raises rates for two other terms
3 Nov 15, 8:17pm
ASB hits the spring market with a 3 year fixed mortgage rate that trumps all rivals by at least 30 bps
8 Sep 15, 10:01am
Savers are to pay for ASB's market leading mortgage interest rate offers. Many at-call accounts cut to about the current inflation rate
31 Jul 15, 5:55pm
A mortgage market heavyweight cuts rates and targets its one year 'special', but remains mid-pack in overall pricing position
21 May 15, 5:30pm
ASB challenges its main rivals with a new rate lower by -24 bps, tweaks some of its standard rates down too
15 May 15, 9:03am
Sovereign launches a market leading one year fixed home loan offer of just 5.10%, in a limited two week campaign
30 Nov 14, 10:13am
ASB matches recent ANZ 'special' rate changes, reintroduces an 18 month 'special', now has market's lowest 18 month and 4 year home loan rates
15 Nov 14, 8:48am
A new set of home loan rate offers from ASB & cousins sees a more aggressive and lower position by one of our biggest mortgage banks
1 Aug 14, 4:54pm
ASB beats main rivals by lowering its two year mortgage rate as a 'special' going sub 6%, withdraws one year 'special'
6 Jul 14, 8:35pm
One of the big four banks trumps the others with a lower one year home loan rate, increases its cash-back incentive
23 May 14, 5:59pm
Another main bank follows Kiwibank in cutting 2 year fixed rates, cuts one year rate as well
22 Nov 13, 5:06pm
ASB cuts rates for one and three year <80% LVR mortgages, matching rivals with market leading lows
12 Jul 13, 6:40pm
ASB raises mortgage rates for all terms 1 year to 5 years. BankDirect and Sovereign follow


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