17 Aug 18, 2:30pm
Minister of Infrastructure Shane Jones says a new independent body will help sort out some of NZ’s major infrastructure issues, as well as helping to attract local and foreign investment
12 Jul 18, 11:14am
The changes continue to be made at Kiwibank following the reshuffle of shareholding
20 Jun 18, 3:04pm
Opposition MPs upset the Treasury did not consult them before releasing a new living standards framework report to the public
28 May 18, 12:01pm
Westpac economists say the stepping up of Kiwibuild activity will be even 'more gradual' than Treasury's forecasts that have been criticised by the Housing Minister
Cartoon by Jacky Carpenter. (c)
24 May 18, 1:27pm
Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf says he is “disappointed” with the Housing Minister’s comments that his officials are “kids… disconnected from reality”
22 May 18, 4:05pm
Minister of Housing Phil Twyford says MBIE correctly diagnosed the weakness in the Treasury’s KiwiBuild forecast & they're the ones implementing the policy
18 May 18, 3:58pm
MBIE believes the value of residential property investment over the next 5 years will be 2-5 times higher than Treasury projects; Twyford says Treasury's math is 'simply wrong'
17 May 18, 2:14pm
Treasury halves forecast progress for KiwiBuild; Government to borrow to build 5,800 new public houses over four years
14 May 18, 3:07pm
The Finance Minister has spent weeks dampening Budget day expectations but experts say the healthy books will show the Government is on track to deliver its fiscal targets
10 May 18, 12:10pm
Finance Minister Grant Robertson says ahead of next week's Budget announcement that the Govt will be spending $10 bln more over the next five years than the previous Govt promised; Is that it? asks National's Amy Adams
8 May 18, 3:27pm
Spoiler alert – the Finance Minister has plenty to be happy about, with a surplus almost $1 billion higher than expected
4 May 18, 10:32am
Geof Mortlock argues the prudential regulation of banks, insurers and non-bank deposit-takers should be moved from the RBNZ to a new regulatory agency
2 May 18, 11:15am
The Government is being criticised for sticking to its promise to reduce net core Crown debt to 20% of GDP by 2022 – but this commitment does not mean it won’t keep taking on debt, Jason Walls says
1 May 18, 10:39am
Finance Minister Grant Robertson reveals the Government has freed up $1.4 billion of funding over 4 years through tax changes and reprioritising spending
25 Apr 18, 7:24am
The greater the grillings Gerry Brownlee and Sid Miller receive for EQC’s re-repairs cost blowout, the more evident the lack of scrutiny of former AMI directors becomes
14 Apr 18, 10:31am
Why we'd all be better off being more welcoming to migrants' elderly parents and improving the quality of education offered to international students
2 Apr 18, 9:13am
It will be a world first and the Treasury is already hard at work developing a wellbeing framework. But what should it include?
21 Mar 18, 11:59am
How future governments' policies and spending priorities will be shaped by both wellbeing and GDP being factored into their decision-making
13 Mar 18, 1:17pm
Acting Governor Grant Spencer says upcoming review of RBNZ's macro-prudential tools should add 'carefully designed' debt to income or debt servicing tool
8 Mar 18, 2:34pm
Gareth Kiernan argues Labour’s KiwiBuild policy looks like less of a game-changer for the construction sector & housing affordability than the Govt has made it out to be


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