US Federal Reserve

10 Dec 18, 8:08am
Roger J Kerr says moves in the US and Australian currencies will determine the next direction for the New Zealand dollar
3 Dec 18, 8:26am
Roger J Kerr suggests the Kiwi dollar may have struck fair equilibrium value in the US68c to US70c range
26 Nov 18, 8:37am
Roger J Kerr examines the positives for the New Zealand dollar - and the negatives for global oil prices
19 Nov 18, 8:16am
Roger J Kerr says the NZ dollar is now likely to go above US70c in coming weeks as speculators continue to unwind 'short-sold' positions and climb back into the Kiwi
12 Nov 18, 8:03am
Roger J Kerr says the sharp recent revival of the New Zealand currency is due to a combination of factors
5 Nov 18, 8:09am
Roger J Kerr sees more positives for the Kiwi dollar from global developments but believes the currency may give back some of its recent gains if the Reserve Bank 'inexplicably' maintains its 'overtly dovish economic outlook'
29 Oct 18, 9:37am
Roger J Kerr says the RBNZ will be forced by the data to revise their inflation forecasts higher, and it will be impossible for them to maintain their overtly dovish tone of recent statements.
23 Oct 18, 9:50am
Stephen Roach points to global and domestic factors aligning to push up US prices faster than the Fed may expect, vexing everyone in an interconnected world
23 Oct 18, 8:00am
Roger J Kerr says the strong performance of the Kiwi dollar recently underlines how oversold it had become. Its rise against the AUD deserves special mention
15 Oct 18, 8:13am
Roger J Kerr says the big sell-off that has been seen in the Kiwi dollar is really due to the falling Australian dollar - which itself is a reflection of the weaker Chinese economy
8 Oct 18, 9:29am
Roger J Kerr says the next significant event for the Kiwi dollar on its own account will be the CPI data for the September quarter released on Tuesday 16 October
1 Oct 18, 8:29am
Roger J Kerr says the rising global oil prices we are seeing have direct implications for currency values
24 Sep 18, 8:34am
Roger J Kerr says the outstanding GDP figures will prompt speculators to reverse their positions in the Kiwi dollar; RBNZ may be forced to change its tune on the economy and inflation
17 Sep 18, 8:40am
Roger J Kerr says exporters who budgeted US dollar export receipts at US70c and above now have the opportunity to significantly reduce future currency risk and lock-in company profitability over several years
10 Sep 18, 8:43am
Roger J Kerr says classifying the NZ and Aussie economies/currencies in the same mould as Turkey and Argentina would be a plainly ridiculous perspective that will not be sustainable
3 Sep 18, 8:39am
Roger J Kerr says unless you firmly believe that the US dollar is about to take off and dairy prices are about to collapse, it is hard to fathom how forecasts of the NZ dollar falling to US60c will be proven to be accurate
27 Aug 18, 8:31am
Roger J Kerr says it would be dangerous for exporters and importers to automatically assume the Kiwi dollar will continue to decline against the American currency
20 Aug 18, 9:03am
Roger J Kerr says the timing of the legislation banning some foreigners from buying real estate here confirms the negative sentiment towards the New Zealand currency
13 Aug 18, 8:34am
Roger J Kerr dissects a week in which the Kiwi currency was staggered by blows firstly from the RBNZ and then worries about the escalating crisis in Turkey; he believes the currency is not down for the count however
6 Aug 18, 9:01am
Roger J Kerr says foreign investors are not going to be positive on the NZ economy and currency if they see that the locals are so downbeat on their own prospects


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