Andrew Little

29 Aug 18, 10:46am
TOP's new leader Geoff Simmons on why getting 'tough on crime' is nothing but an expensive political slogan
9 Aug 18, 7:30am
Impact statement on Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal Bill reveals the Ministry of Justice did not consult with any external parties as a result of time pressure from the Government
24 Jul 18, 5:08pm
Government launches campaign to keep public in the loop as lawyers, accountants and real estate agents need to start complying with anti-money laundering rules
28 Jun 18, 10:08am
This time last year, Andrew Little was on the verge of making the most important political decision of his career – what has changed since? He sits down with political reporter Jason Walls for a beer
11 Jun 18, 12:11pm
PM says disagreements between partners is normal for a coalition government, but suggests Andrew Little did announce a planned repeal of the 3 strikes policy too soon
11 Jun 18, 11:32am
Bank lobby group wants Privacy Bill's threshold for notifiable privacy breaches lifted
18 May 18, 7:12am
Insurers back Government's move to spend $8 million on tribunal to help settle the thousands of outstanding Canterbury earthquake claims
3 Apr 18, 10:44am
The Privacy Commissioner on why he would like his agency to have similar powers to the Commerce Commission when it comes to penalising law breakers
14 Dec 17, 9:56am
Peter Dunne picks his politician of the year. It's not the person you would expect
16 Nov 17, 11:25am
Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford sets out the Government's case for the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill, National housing spokesman Michael Woodhouse responds
27 Oct 17, 8:20am
Labour confirms demand-side housing policies are all go, despite no mention in coalition agreement with NZ First; Super Fund set to keep being taxed, even though Peters raised a fuss over election period
15 Aug 17, 9:56am
Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says 'not fixated on numbers' in immigration debate; More focussed on 'getting our system right'
9 Aug 17, 1:00pm
Looking starkly at Generation Rent, parties are proposing policies which would protect those who will never own a home
5 Aug 17, 6:02am
Highlighting Labour's new policy directions, Ardern keeps the Greens' troubles at arm's length
1 Aug 17, 11:29am
Let us know what you think of today's changes to the Labour Party leadership and how it will affect their election chances. Take our survey
1 Aug 17, 8:05am
Labour's new leader Jacinda Ardern mindful of intergenerational inequality; Promises to bring 'relentless positivity' and a 'clear vision' to the job
31 Jul 17, 12:49pm
Labour has a problem, but there are ways to fix it: A simple platform that would appease voters who left; Stay away from complex policies that attract negative reactions & scare National's swingers. And get a proper tax policy again
20 Jul 17, 5:02am
Labour's Robertson holds fast on opposition to tax threshold changes to account for inflation bracket creep, even if 2016/17 tax take comes in above expectations; Says coalition talks could involve reprioritising spending plans
19 Jul 17, 11:00am
Labour fiscal plan includes $20bn spending boost, $10bn more in revenue over next four years while keeping Crown expenses steady and repaying debt; Gives itself $10bn for campaign policies
19 Jul 17, 5:02am
Labour to announce high-level spending projections Wednesday with focus on health; Work done on how to deflect 'tax and spend' and 'dodgy accounting' criticisms of previous years


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