Janet Yellen

11 Feb 19, 12:16pm
Mauldin Economics' Robert Ross argues the corporate debt bubble is strikingly similar to the subprime mortgage bubble
22 Dec 17, 10:52am
The 2017 Interesties featuring Jacinda Ardern, Steven Joyce, Metiria Turei, Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Grant Spencer, Mark Quickfall, bitcoin, DTIs, CBA, Tony Alexander, Zombie ponzi & many more
26 Jul 17, 1:27pm
John Mauldin expects another major crisis as soon as next year and looks at three potential black swans
5 Jul 17, 11:29am
Patrick Watson probes Janet Yellen’s bold statement on financial crises and makes a suggestion about what she might have really meant
23 Jun 17, 5:02am
Patrick Watson suggests US Federal Reserve boffins should study algebra and looks at the possibilities of algorithmic central banking
19 Jun 17, 1:12pm
Roger J Kerr says the only thing that will drive the NZ currency back below US70 now would be a resurging American dollar
12 Jun 17, 11:07am
Roger J Kerr says with all the good news for the NZ economy already out, it's questionable how much better things can get for the NZ dollar
31 Jan 17, 10:18am
Roger J Kerr says it will be interesting to see what the Reserve Bank says next week about the New Zealand dollar, which is much higher than our central bank was forecasting
23 Jan 17, 2:19pm
Roger J Kerr says Trumponomics are likely to further strengthen the US dollar
16 Jan 17, 1:25pm
Roger J Kerr says it is hard to say the NZ dollar should be declining as the economy stays strong, while questions are being asked whether the new US administration can deliver on election promises
23 Dec 16, 5:02am
The 2016 Interesties featuring John Key, Donald Trump, Graeme Wheeler, 'maniping,' Metiria Turei, Tony Alexander, Nathan Penny, Nelson's stock exchange, Andrew Little, Chloe Swarbrick, David Hisco, bad hair & a dictator
19 Dec 16, 1:29pm
Roger J Kerr recounts where the NZ dollar has been in a topsy turvy year and looks ahead
22 Nov 16, 12:01pm
John Mauldin details his plan to solve the US deficit & debt problems, jumpstart the economy, pay for healthcare & other costs, all with the least damage to the body politic and economy
11 Oct 16, 11:46am
John Mauldin argues the global central bank community’s policies have created an environment of risk that is looking more and more like a bubble in search of a pin
17 Sep 16, 6:02am
John Mauldin delves further into the problems he says were caused by the economic academic establishment & offers some solutions
13 Sep 16, 12:22pm
ANZ's BlueNotes editor Andrew Cornell looks at the negativity of negative interest rates
31 Aug 16, 7:55am
Christian Hawkesby looks at lessons from unconventional monetary policy for New Zealand
9 Apr 16, 7:00am
Craig Simpson reviews global markets and sets the scene for what KiwiSaver investors should be expecting from their funds at the end of Q1
17 Mar 16, 3:58pm
HiFX's Dan Bell on the Fed's 'breathing room', Brexit, Donald Trump, NZ GDP & the RBNZ's surprise OCR cut
10 Feb 16, 1:55pm
HiFX's Dan Bell expects a 'very volatile year on all fronts' with RBNZ reluctance to cut the OCR propping the Kiwi dollar up


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