20 Mar 19, 2:31pm
NZ's current account deficit slightly narrower than expected in December quarter; Late-2018 equity market wobbles contribute to NZ's net international liabilities jumping $11 billion 
19 Mar 19, 7:46am
China's largest dairy producer Yili will pay $588 million for the Westland Co-operative Dairy Company
4 Mar 19, 8:34am
Keith Woodford explains how MPI continues to withhold key information about the Mycoplasma bovis eradication program
18 Feb 19, 8:38am
Keith Woodford describes how anger is mounting again amongst Mycoplasma bovis farmers and how some are in dire trouble. The official information flow lacks transparency as to what is really happening
9 Feb 19, 9:31am
Keith Woodford explains the decisions and behaviours that have led to dairy’s debt-laden pickle
2 Feb 19, 9:01am
Rabobank says good production conditions and strong commodity pricing will continue in 2019. But that policy decisions made this year will determine rural resilience for the inevitable downturn
23 Jan 19, 4:30pm
Keith Woodford explains how transforming dairy to be environmentally friendly is possible, but existing debt will be a big constraint
8 Jan 19, 9:31am
Keith Woodford explains why the Mycoplasma battle is far from over; at best it is the end of the beginning
28 Dec 18, 9:31am
Production pressure sees Rabobank lowering farm gate milk price forecast despite another small lift in recent GDT auction results
15 Nov 18, 10:18am
Keith Woodford describes how MPI continues to depict the Mycoplasma bovis story in support of their preferred narrative
4 Oct 18, 10:58am
Rabobank trims its dairy payout forecast even though world supply growth will only be modest because the fast rising US dollar and potential trade war consequences will limit what export customers can afford to pay
5 Sep 18, 8:44am
The necessary detail of what the targets will be for agriculture GHG reductions are getting proper attention finally. Market price signals generally positive
14 Aug 18, 5:00am
Simon Bridges on how he would take up John Key's challenge to identify new economic drivers to replace strong migration and house price growth if he was in government
5 Jul 18, 2:08pm
While this long-running Rabobank survey found lower confidence among farmers, a record high number assess their business as either 'viable' or 'easily viable'
13 Jun 18, 4:09pm
The ‘First Citizen of the Provinces’ has called for the resignation of another top public-sector figure – Fonterra Chairman John Wilson
7 May 18, 9:35am
The hits the new Government keeps making on farming have the look of scaremongering, ignoring the vast amount of long-term remediation already underway
17 Jan 18, 9:37am
Fonterra partners with Alibaba's Hema Fresh to launch fresh milk product in China utilising the power of mobile data
8 Jan 18, 2:32pm
Have banks signalled they've had enough of funding the dairy industry? If funding is closed off, the new Govt's obligations for the industry are likely to be expensive and even more stressful
2 Jan 18, 3:58pm
Rabobank warns that New Zealand's lower milk volumes may not be offset by higher prices as our rivals are are increasing their production quickly and offering more export competition
6 Dec 17, 2:35pm
Keith Woodford discusses trends in on-farm dairy debt and the challenges it creates


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