Economic growth

21 Mar 19, 10:51am
Economy expands by 0.6% in December quarter surprising the Reserve Bank but not the market; Economists divided over whether slow growth will persist in 2019 
14 Mar 19, 1:40pm
GDP figures out next week widely expected to show an annual economic growth rate below 3% for the first time since late 2014
25 Feb 19, 2:30pm
Amid ongoing debate about immigration, is it time New Zealanders took the debate broader and settled on a population policy?
12 Feb 19, 9:39am
A $100 million marine development in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter is awaiting OIO approval before work can start
15 Jan 19, 11:05am
Business sentiment and demand pick up from low levels in December quarter, according to the NZIER; Weak profitability remains a problem
20 Dec 18, 3:45pm
Slower than expected GDP growth, major bank capital changes, and a gloomy global outlook prompt ANZ economists to jump off the fence and forecast 3 OCR cuts by 2020
20 Dec 18, 11:11am
Economic growth slows more than expected; GDP growth falls to 0.3% in the September quarter, while annual growth falls to 3.0%
12 Dec 18, 11:00am
The myth is that households are getting less and less of the national income. They are not. It is stable at a good level, as is the updated measure of inequality
7 Dec 18, 11:17am
Hood the hawks: The outlook is strong but uncertain. The RBNZ has released the doves, Kiwibank's Jarrod Kerr & Jeremy Couchman say in their latest economic outlook
29 Oct 18, 11:02am
John Mauldin says recent events make him concerned the debt reckoning he foresees could be closer than he previously thought
12 Oct 18, 5:02am
Infometrics' Gareth Kiernan sees enough speed bumps on the horizon to slow economic growth more than the market expects; says it's time for LVRs to be eased
9 Oct 18, 10:39am
Murray Grimwood, aka commentator Power Down Kiwi, says NZ needs a strategic plan with all-party political support to achieve energy resilience
5 Oct 18, 9:13am
Do authoritarian rulers deliver better economic results? Jayato Ghosh says Asia’s autocrats, from India to the Philippines, are presiding over increasingly fragile states and even more vulnerable economies
4 Oct 18, 1:27pm
In the first of a two part series Murray Grimwood, aka commentator Power Down Kiwi, outlines how important energy is to everything we do & its limitations
7 Sep 18, 10:51am
Long read: Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr on where the global economy has come from, where it's going, and why there's a need for longer-term thinking
22 Aug 18, 7:51am
Jen​ée Tibshraeny talks to S&P's US Chief Economist about the US being strong enough to weather a trade war, but vulnerable to fiscal stimulus creating more inflation than productivity
5 May 18, 9:24am
Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods talks up NZ's comparative advantage producing renewable energy, but can't say how quickly its production can be scaled up 
30 Apr 18, 2:40pm
Siah Hwee Ang looks at the fraught relationship between China and India pointing out the economic strengths of the two countries are actually complementary
10 Apr 18, 10:33am
Businesses remain pessimistic about the economy with cost pressures intensifying, according to NZIER
11 Feb 18, 7:10am
Westpac’s chief economist not convinced the economy is in as good shape as the RBNZ suggests, as Acting Governor Spencer says the RBNZ’s projections are 'perfectly balanced'


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