income tax

14 Mar 19, 2:06pm
Gareth Morgan takes issue with the Tax Working Group including Michael Cullen's assertion that the capital gains tax (CGT) is best described as a 'tax on capital income', saying there appears total confusion over what income actually is
30 Jan 19, 3:03pm
Bridges targets middle class by committing to changing income tax brackets in line with inflation; Robertson says Bridges has found Joyce's fiscal hole in his backyard
21 Jan 19, 12:01pm
Mauldin Economics' Patrick Watson looks at what a tax proposal from a high profile new US Democrat could potentially mean for asset prices
18 Jan 19, 12:59pm
Andrew Coleman probes whether New Zealand’s productivity performance has been adversely affected by the way capital income is taxed
20 Nov 18, 9:25am
Terry Baucher details how the previous National-led government appears to have successfully raised at least $1 billion of extra revenue annually with little or no fanfare
20 Sep 18, 3:36pm
Tax Working Group considers 'vacant land' and 'empty home' taxes as a way of increasing housing supply and affordability
20 Sep 18, 11:13am
Tax Working Group interim report says work on capital income 'not yet complete' but gives two options; group is not recommending either wealth taxes or land taxes
19 Jun 18, 6:00am
Westpac models how the different taxes being considered by the Tax Working Group would affect house prices
16 Apr 18, 12:10pm
Geoff Simmons on why we can't have a fair and efficient tax system, as well as an exemption on owner occupied housing
15 Mar 18, 8:06am
EY's David Snell says the Government’s Tax Working Group asks some great questions, but misses others
14 Mar 18, 12:20pm
The Tax Working Group's paper calling for submissions explicitly seeks views on whether there could be items exempt from GST in order to benefit low income people
11 Jan 18, 2:06pm
The IRD says people should consider money made selling cryptocurrencies - bought with the intention of resale - as taxable, until it releases specific guidance on the matter
16 Dec 17, 8:44am
Kevin Loane says that despite their unpopularity, wealth taxes may become a least bad option, as persistently weak productivity growth risks capping income gains for many
24 Nov 17, 11:49am
The Tax Working Group may yet surprise us, but its brief appears to be a disappointingly shallow and obvious one aimed at achieving narrowly-defined outcomes
23 Nov 17, 11:14am
Government releases details of Tax Working Group; reiterates commitment to 'fair and progressive tax system''; Joyce says it's an 18-month-long rubber stamp for a Capital Gains Tax
14 Sep 17, 4:38pm
James Shaw says the Greens are in the fight of their lives; Alex Tarrant asks him about monetary policy, income, savings and capital gains taxes, potential Cabinet posts and Kiwibank
14 Sep 17, 10:28am
Labour releases document setting out tax plan, says no Working Group taxes would come into effect until after 2020 election; Confirms Tax Working Group won't look at CGT or land tax on family home/land and no inheritance tax
22 Aug 17, 3:26pm
Labour will make decision on higher top personal income tax rate after Treasury opens the books on Wednesday, Ardern says; Says tweak of Labour's Capital Gains Tax stance was her call
4 Aug 17, 2:52pm
'All in good time,' Ardern says on tax policy as she sets out campaign focus on housing, health, education, environment, infrastructure and Maori affairs
2 Aug 17, 7:02am
Tax plan looks set to be on new Labour election agenda as Little’s ‘no change’ shadow is no more; Also, Ardern on being able to handle Winston & the Greens in Cabinet; 'Election will see generational change'


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