20 Feb 19, 4:10pm
Patrick Watson of Mauldin Economics says if you fear Socialism then the best way to stop it is by cleaning up Capitalism
10 Dec 18, 4:00pm
Government vetoes ACC's proposed motor vehicle levy hike and reduces work levies. It also scraps the vehicle risk rating programme
10 Dec 18, 2:42pm
Falling manufacturing sales prompt BNZ to lower expectations of next week's GDP figures, while economists say economic growth figures could fall short of the Reserve Bank's expectations
3 Oct 18, 10:13am
EY's Tim Benbow and David Snell say the Government's new R&D plan is a bold initiative
27 Sep 18, 11:15am
ACC's proposing a 12.1% hike in the average motor vehicle levy for road users, including a 1.9c per litre increase for petrol
12 Sep 18, 10:21am
Bankers' Association Acting CEO Antony Buick-Constable rejects suggestions banks are not playing their part in the construction sector and says bank lending to the sector is at its highest since the GFC
13 Aug 18, 10:26am
Terry Baucher crunches the numbers around corporate tax and says anybody expecting the Tax Working Group to suggest a cut in the tax is going to be disappointed
1 Aug 18, 10:45am
'Poorly performing' Auckland projects blamed for tipping construction company over the edge
23 Jul 18, 1:24pm
New figures show the number of businesses planning on increasing R&D spending has doubled, but is it because of the impending R&D tax credit policy or NZ’s tight labour market?
15 Mar 18, 11:22am
New Zealand’s economy grew by a whisker under 3% last year as GDP data for the fourth quarter of 2017 came in under market expectations – the growth figure is more than 1% off 2016’s figure
28 Feb 18, 2:08pm
Although the numbers are still nothing to write home about, business confidence is bouncing back after falling to almost decade lows, according to the ANZ Business Confidence Index
19 Feb 18, 11:35am
Housing Minister Phil Twyford says he's planning a workshopping event for representatives of the finance community and players in the development and construction sector to help crack NZ’s problems around infrastructure financing
21 Aug 17, 10:38am
A paper commissioned by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand says inequality threatens to put a fair share of the country’s prosperity out of reach of many New Zealanders
2 Aug 17, 11:23am
We look at how well pay packets have grown on an after-inflation basis. And we compare that to how our economy has grown on a 'real' basis
23 Jun 17, 10:02am
Matt Nolan presents his Top 10 economic principles and capital-labour income shares
3 May 17, 8:42am
Commerce Commission rules that NZ media giants Fairfax and NZME should not be allowed to get together
28 Apr 17, 10:02am
The New Zealand Initiative's Oliver Hartwich on liberalism in the trenches, elusive grains of sand, Islamic fashion, an apparently unfunny German, the decline of the white working class American man and more
15 Jun 16, 10:40am
Kerry McDonald analyses the many challenges the country faces and concludes we need effective leadership and recognition that good policy, in a sound strategic framework, is critical
10 Nov 15, 5:02am
Siah Hwee Ang says the ‘new normal’ growth rate of the Chinese economy will be closer to 6.5%
8 Nov 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey profiles an example of some New Zealand farmers who were able to break out of the commodity trap, thanks to some very special (and expensive) shoes


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