Personal Finance

21 Mar 19, 8:43pm
Following HSBC, Kiwibank, ASB and TSB, Westpac comes back with a 3.99% two year fixed home loan offer. That's now six banks with a sub 4% mortgage offer
21 Mar 19, 9:49am
Mercer's David Scobie explains how referring to past performance has its uses when selecting investment products, but can be a comfort blanket with many holes
21 Mar 19, 7:41am
Major government owned fund managers, holding $816m of shares in Facebook, Google & Twitter, call for the tech giants to take action following the live-streaming and sharing on social media of Friday’s Christchurch terror attacks
19 Mar 19, 8:35am
Following Kiwibank, ASB cuts its two year home loan rate to 3.99% and TSB also follows under its extended price-match policy
18 Mar 19, 9:30am
Two banks cut selected fixed mortgage rates for residential borrowers, one of which takes a rate back down under 4%
13 Mar 19, 9:55am
Stable wholesale swap rates and stable bank deposit rates are limiting how far fixed mortgage rates can move down. Westpac pushes a key fighting rate up
12 Mar 19, 1:12pm
Cyber security threat to New Zealanders and their businesses is growing even if it is hard to quantify, with CERT citing a significant increase in email extortion scams
12 Mar 19, 10:32am
Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi sticks to position that cap on total interest and fees will be most effective way to combat 'unscrupulous' lenders
7 Mar 19, 12:29pm
Harmoney founder says $50 million securitisation programme with BNZ doesn't mean any changes for retail investors
6 Mar 19, 5:03pm
Tax Working Group Chair kept on the job for 4 months longer than initially planned; Michael Cullen says he's there to bat for the integrity of the report not the Government 
6 Mar 19, 5:02am
Nikko NZ launches an online goals-based saving platform incorporating personal professional advice in a new digital investment tool aiming to take the mystique out of real investing
5 Mar 19, 8:24am
Taking advantage of low wholesale rates, HSBC launches a very low two year home loan rate, withdraws other 'specials' but still has market-leading rate card
4 Mar 19, 12:14pm
Payments NZ releases standards detailing how banks and fintechs that engage in open banking have to protect consumers' data
4 Mar 19, 5:02am
Banks pick up the pace of term deposit offer changes, but rate levels shift to a tight bunch within each term
1 Mar 19, 12:09pm
Revenue Minister Stuart Nash says any Tax Working Group recommendations the government adopts will be made by legislation meaning a full select committee process
1 Mar 19, 10:28am
January tax collections show individuals paying 11% more in income taxes this year than last, but less for GST. Company taxes dip as well
27 Feb 19, 9:53am
Low-income KiwiSaver members to benefit under Tax Working Group recommendations, according to KiwiSaver provider Simplicity
26 Feb 19, 1:41pm
Finance Minister Grant Robertson says government to go through Tax Working Group recommendations to see what will add to fairness & what's possible to gain consensus on in a coalition
25 Feb 19, 10:33am
While interest rate offers between banks for home loans or term deposits are tightly bunched, that is not the case for savings accounts
23 Feb 19, 10:07am
Men get into serious debt trouble when they lose their job in their 40s; women get into serious debt trouble through excessive use of credit facilities in their 20s, says the MBIE ITS


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