Rural News

24 Jan 19, 9:50am
Guy Trafford assess the consequences of heightened American competition in the dairy export trade, and looks at their staying power. Westland Coop draws Saputo interest
24 Jan 19, 9:47am
Farm sales ended last year on a high note with good weather lifting sales although prices were flat overall
23 Jan 19, 4:30pm
Keith Woodford explains how transforming dairy to be environmentally friendly is possible, but existing debt will be a big constraint
23 Jan 19, 9:12am
Guy Trafford takes another look at a growing problem that never seems to get resolved, notes a full effort to protect 'old world' markets, and assesses changes to farm gate prices
17 Jan 19, 5:53pm
Guy Trafford looks at what is on the dairy agenda at the start of the new year, on-farm, at the dairy companies, the weather, and in the trade arena
16 Jan 19, 4:48pm
Guy Trafford laments the state of agricultural training for a backbone sector as another bites the dust, reviews NZ's Brexit risks, and assesses the state of livestock markets in 2019
15 Jan 19, 5:39pm
Allan Barber says if 2018 was full of unexpected developments and uncertainties, 2019 is likely to be even more challenging
8 Jan 19, 9:31am
Keith Woodford explains why the Mycoplasma battle is far from over; at best it is the end of the beginning
28 Dec 18, 9:31am
Production pressure sees Rabobank lowering farm gate milk price forecast despite another small lift in recent GDT auction results
20 Dec 18, 10:46am
Guy Trafford finishes 2018 with a GDT review, news of a new Fish & Game river survey, calling out plant-based-milk, and an update on the MPB eradication
19 Dec 18, 3:33pm
Farm sales and prices are both up compared to last year, but there are still a few rough patches says the REINZ
19 Dec 18, 8:45am
Guy Trafford takes a look at what 2019 might bring for farmers in terms of climate-related regulation, land prices, and product prices. He's not pessimistic on everything
19 Dec 18, 8:26am
Allan Barber looks back of a year where New Zealand agriculture had to face a range of unexpected developments and a number of growing uncertainties, almost all of which will be festering in 2019
15 Dec 18, 10:09am
Rodney Dickens thinks he spots a bust about to unfold in the manuka honey market after a strong boom - caused but the usual suspect, fast rising new supply
13 Dec 18, 9:07am
Guy Trafford reviews Fonterra's fixed milk price plan, Fed Farmers banking survey, and Simon Upton's critique of Overseer
12 Dec 18, 11:45am
Guy Trafford solves the riddle of why farmer confidence is low when prices are high. The cost of increased box-ticking makes the future of smaller family farms less viable
12 Dec 18, 10:13am
A government Farm Debt Mediation Bill would be 'a useful tool in the tool kit' Federated Farmers says as farmers' satisfaction with their banks drops
11 Dec 18, 4:55pm
China log demand stable but lower freight costs absorbed by higher NZD. Sawn timber exports strong especially to the EU, and prospects bright
11 Dec 18, 12:02pm
Fonterra unveils a new financial tool it says will help farmers gain more certainty of what they will be paid for their milk
11 Dec 18, 11:24am
The new tractor sales surge underlines confidence in rural sectors, and is part of the growth of rural exports built on rising productivity and in spite of a rising NZD


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