Rural News

22 Mar 19, 2:49pm
Farm sales volumes down 3.6% and median price per hectare down 18.4% year-on-year, REINZ's figures for the 3 months to February show
20 Mar 19, 5:33pm
It has been a big week for the dairy industry, Fonterra especially. Guy Trafford surveys the signals coming from management and what they might mean for the future
20 Mar 19, 3:50pm
Rising global dairy prices are increasing Fonterra's chances of being able to pay a farmgate milk price at the top end of its current forecast range
20 Mar 19, 9:24am
Guy Trafford reviews what the TDB Advisory report reveals about Fonterra's performance and strategy, and wonders what the new risk-averse, back-to-basics strategy will do to the cooperative
20 Mar 19, 8:49am
Fonterra's new chief executive says the co-operative needs to put New Zealand 'front and centre' and extract the maximum value from milk produced here
19 Mar 19, 7:46am
China's largest dairy producer Yili will pay $588 million for the Westland Co-operative Dairy Company
18 Mar 19, 4:11pm
Keith Woodford reflects as to whether the farming rules of the game, including the importance of cash flow versus capital gain, have changed, irrespective of any capital gains tax, and what this means for the future
14 Mar 19, 8:40am
Although students still come in good numbers, Lincoln University has lost its way, rejected by AgResearch, as management lapses pile up
13 Mar 19, 8:41am
Despite rising prices, farmers are feeling oppressed from all sides and confidence is low. Fickle urban voters are driving a flood of rules and imposing costs that make little sense to the business of farming
12 Mar 19, 5:01pm
Higher freight costs take the shine of export log prices. Domestic supply is abundant, China demand stable, India prices under pressure
8 Mar 19, 12:21pm
Guy Trafford wraps up some topical issues for dairy darmers, including the chance prices will stay high, and the work being done using a seaweed diet to control methane
6 Mar 19, 4:41pm
Rabobank says the sudden serious pork supply problem in China will raise demand for other meats through the whole Asian region, likely benefiting New Zealand beef suppliers
6 Mar 19, 10:19am
Guy Trafford calls on the sheep and beef industry to hire more qualified local women rather than call for more immigrants. The WRA drives for innovative water solutions
5 Mar 19, 10:09am
Ratings agency Fitch says Fonterra has structural issues it needs to address; expects Fonterra to prioritise the strength of its balance sheet over payments to farmer shareholders; Hurrell gets Fonterra CEO job permanently
4 Mar 19, 8:34am
Keith Woodford explains how MPI continues to withhold key information about the Mycoplasma bovis eradication program
28 Feb 19, 5:37pm
Guy Trafford indulges in a bit of therapy, recording a day's frustration with modern-world services that never seem to work right in the country when you need them
28 Feb 19, 10:04am
Almost half of all farms are in the Farm Assurance Programme, with early signs both farmers and processors are pleased with the rollout. The project is an essential tool in support of Taste Pure Nature
28 Feb 19, 9:09am
Very mixed news for farmers as Fonterra increases the milk price forecast by possibly as much as 60c, but slashes the earnings forecast possibly more than in half; no interim dividend
27 Feb 19, 4:59pm
Guy Trafford looks at the various ways to monitor the current farm sales market. And he finds issues in both the honey and kiwifruit industries
26 Feb 19, 4:30pm
ANZ says Fonterra dairy farmers should get $6.30/kg milk solids this season and $7.30/kg milk solids in 2019/20


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