6 Dec 18, 10:09am
Co-operative Bank CEO David Cunningham says sub-4% home loan rates unsustainable unless deposit rates fall about 50 basis points
12 Nov 18, 9:05am
ANZ follows up its new lower one year rate with a $3000 cash back incentive, with conditions that include promising to stay with them for three years
10 Nov 18, 9:43am
We examine the margin shifts as wholesale money rates rise just as one large mortgage bank cuts a key rate, looking at the pressures and motivations for the move
10 Nov 18, 9:00am
New Zealand's largest home loan lender challenges its main rivals with a sub-4% one year fixed mortgage rate - just as wholesale swap rates turn up
8 Nov 18, 7:45am
Licensed P2P lender Harmoney says it has facilitated loans across New Zealand and Australia valued at $1 billion
5 Nov 18, 9:49am
Kiwibank is the next one to chop a key home loan rate, reducing its one year fixed rate to 4.05% as the main banks follow the challenger banks lower
3 Nov 18, 11:17am
Three cuts from a rising challenger bank tighten the rate competition for home loans. While none of these reductions are market-leading, they reinforce the downward trend in mortgage rate offers
31 Oct 18, 10:04am
Another bank trims a key fixed home loan rate. We review where the market is settling to and assess how much lower it could go as banks try to protect their margins
29 Oct 18, 8:36am
As mortgage lenders pull back from lending to property investors, offers to owner-occupiers are getting sharper as overall mortgage market growth slows
19 Oct 18, 5:02pm
SBS Bank bursts into contention in the Spring selling season with a very sharp competitive two year fixed mortgage rate, lower than all rivals
11 Oct 18, 8:51pm
Three banks change home loan rates. But even though the trend is down, further reductions may be achievable for many borrowers, even with cash-back incentives
5 Oct 18, 11:00am
HSBC NZ reprises very low mortgage rate offer, far below any other bank, matching the 50-year-low rate it had in mid 2018
5 Oct 18, 10:04am
More home loan rate trimming this time by ASB. Its new 18-month rate now has a notable advantage against its main rivals and matches ANZ's new 1-year rate
3 Oct 18, 8:40am
Both TSB and Westpac move some key home loan rates lower, with TSB's eighteen month fixed rate a notable lower level. All rate offers now tightly bunched
1 Oct 18, 8:55am
New Zealand's largest mortgage lender pushes its one year home loan rate offer to a new all-time low, challenging its rivals on price
1 Oct 18, 5:12am
Kiwibank cuts more mortgage rates, tightening up bank offers across the board. It also trims a set of term deposit rates
28 Sep 18, 10:52am
TSB moves to match rivals with two new fixed rate home loan specials. Bank rate pricing tactics getting assessed as home buying volumes stay in an unexceptional zone
25 Sep 18, 2:02pm
Bank for International Settlements highlights the dominance of consumer lending in New Zealand fintech sector
24 Sep 18, 4:13pm
State-owned lender Kiwibank takes benchmark two year fixed home loan rate down to a new low by a major bank, opening up a juicy advantage over its main rivals
22 Sep 18, 6:31am
SBS Bank now offers the lowest two, four and five year fixed mortgage rates, joining other challenger banks in cutting rates as the Spring house selling season advances


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