Insurance news

26 Aug 16, 5:05am
Insurers deny Labour Party claims a scrapped Government guide on cash settlements would have helped Cantabs get higher settlements ​
24 Aug 16, 4:09pm
NZ's 2nd largest health insurer, nib, struggles to maintain solid rate of policyholder growth after OnePath acquisition and signing Warehouse Money white labelling deal
15 Aug 16, 4:29pm
Finance Minister Bill English expects IMF to identify differences between NZ’s arrangements and international standards in Financial Sector Assessment Programme
12 Aug 16, 1:50pm
Youi may be ditched or fined by the Insurance Council, as it's expected to plead guilty to 15 Fair Trading Act charges
11 Aug 16, 10:08am
Insurer Youi pleading guilty to 15 charges relating to misleading sales techniques, Commerce Commission says; Youi 'unreservedly apologises' to all affected customers
5 Aug 16, 3:29pm
Suncorp still has reinsurance available to cover its February 2011 Canterbury earthquake costs, unlike its competitors
28 Jul 16, 11:22am
Financial Markets Authority highlights need for funding boost to enable it to probe conduct in the banking and insurance sectors
26 Jul 16, 4:12pm
Government throws another $250m at Southern Response without calling anyone to account for what's likely to be NZ's largest bailout, costing taxpayers much more than expected
26 Jul 16, 9:48am
The Medical Insurance Society calls on cash from its parent, as it exhausts reinsurance cover for the February 2011 Canterbury earthquake, and is left to foot nearly a quarter of the bill on its own
22 Jul 16, 5:03am
Insurance Council on why it's taking so long for quake claims to be settled; highlights inaccuracies in govt data on the matter
19 Jul 16, 9:43am
Tower's CFO resigns; Ratings agency red flags concerns over the company's 'financial profile deteriorating' as its reinsurance for the Feb 2011 Canterbury quake runs dry and it's left to fend for itself
18 Jul 16, 9:04am
Cameron Preston crunches the numbers to see what's in it for insurers to delay settling Canterbury earthquake claims
16 Jul 16, 9:02am
Julie Ann Genter says, while the Paris agreement is not perfect, but it does constitute a global political mandate for action on climate change, and signals the end of the fossil fuel era sometime in the coming decades
15 Jul 16, 2:30pm
Environment Commissioner warns getting insurance will become harder as sea levels rise and insurers take cover
14 Jul 16, 10:24am
Insurance Council hits back at insurance lawyer for making 'outlandish' comparisons between meth damage, 9/11, the Canterbury earthquakes and leaky homes
14 Jul 16, 8:59am
Sovereign boss suggests the reviewed Financial Advisers Act could spark the creation of large multidisciplinary financial advice firms
13 Jul 16, 5:00am
Reviewed Financial Advisers Act to see consumers' interests put first, disclosure requirements beefed up, adviser categories simplified, and the path paved for robo-advice
7 Jul 16, 10:07am
Andrew Hooker says insurers are backing away from covering meth damage in the same way they backed away from covering terrorism after 9/11 and weather-tightness damage after the leaky homes saga
6 Jul 16, 2:02pm
Churn, trips to Vegas, and high upfront commissions in the life insurance sector, but what about the banking sector?
1 Jul 16, 5:00am
How to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to travel insurance


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