KiwiSaver news and analysis

25 Sep 16, 5:02am
Kiwis born since 1985 have largely missed out on the explosive gains in wealth and higher incomes seen since then. Now they are being set up to pay for baby-boomers' retirement without a big enough NZ Super Fund to help them, Bernard Hickey writes
23 Sep 16, 12:58pm
Jen​ée Tibshraeny on the Singapore sling, a challenge for Paul Goldsmith, house flipping, a possible future PM, Indian students and more
19 Sep 16, 12:00pm
High profile investment adviser Martin Hawes is to front a re-imaging of Forsyth Barr's Kiwisaver product
13 Sep 16, 9:31am
Craig Simpson finds the lack of KiwiSaver options for socially responsible investors means comparisons are difficult and focus on short term returns
9 Sep 16, 10:00am
The NZX's Mandy Simpson on the case for the RBNZ to issue digital currency, KiwiSaver fees, robots taking our jobs, blockchain being used for AML, cyber security and more
24 Aug 16, 12:53pm
Craig Simpson discusses the KiwiSaver ethical & socially responsible investment options and thinks the current media hype is unwarranted
17 Aug 16, 1:40pm
Diane Maxwell on making NZ Super sustainable by increasing the age of eligibility, means testing, hiking minimum KiwiSaver contributions & making it harder for migrants to qualify
10 Aug 16, 10:34am
ASB annual profit hits NZ$913 mln despite fall in net interest margin and higher provisioning for loans to dairy farmers
9 Aug 16, 11:37am
Martin Hawes on how to make money from money rather than property
4 Aug 16, 7:02am
KiwiSaver long term returns retreat although Brexit vote had little impact overall; excess cash and defensive positioning hurting some funds
3 Aug 16, 6:02am
Our comprehensive review of regular savings returns to June 30, 2016 for aggressive KiwiSaver funds shows the top 5 are adding over $12,400 more value to investors than the top 5 default funds
1 Aug 16, 2:51pm
AMP gives birth to additional 16 KiwiSaver funds in a bid to meet customer demand and fight off bank competition; provides access to some better performing competitor products
1 Aug 16, 6:00am
Former Tower CEO launches nonprofit KiwiSaver plan, Simplicity; lays down a fierce challenge to rival KiwiSaver managers
31 Jul 16, 11:41am
Caps lifted for first home buyers who want to use their KiwiSaver to access the HomeStart grant to boost their deposit
30 Jul 16, 8:49am
Our comprehensive review of KiwiSaver Growth funds to June 30, 2016 identifies the top performers
29 Jul 16, 6:17am
Our comprehensive review of Balanced KiwiSaver fund returns to June 30, 2016, identifying who has the best long-term returns
26 Jul 16, 4:25pm
Our comprehensive review of moderate fund regular savings returns as at June 30, 2016, identifying who has the best long-term returns
22 Jul 16, 5:03am
Our comprehensive review of conservative KiwiSaver fund performance to June 30, 2016, identifying who has the best long-term returns
18 Jul 16, 7:05am
Our comprehensive review of Default KiwiSaver fund performance to June 2016, identifying who has the best long-term returns
14 Jul 16, 8:59am
Sovereign boss suggests the reviewed Financial Advisers Act could spark the creation of large multidisciplinary financial advice firms


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