Election 2014 - Party Policies - National Standards

Election 2014 - Party Policies - National Standards

National Standards

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  • Not available on their website yet.

  • Oppose the publication of league tables which rank schools on academic achievement.
  • Oppose the system of National Standards that was introduced in 2010, and remove the requirement for schools to report against them.
  • Support the continued implementation of the National Curriculum and reinstate the advisory service to advise on its implementation. Give real weight to maintaining a broad curriculum (including into the senior school).
  • Support the continued improvement of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), and work with the teaching profession to undergo a review of the current three levels of NCEA assessment.
  • Work with teacher organisations to develop an assessment model or models that allow tracking of student progress against national data; to be used to inform further teaching and learning in partnership with students and their families. (more here)

  • Under Labour, we will work collaboratively with the education community to replace National Standards with something that is meaningful, broad, and that will work. (more here)

  • Abolish National Standards and replace with information that lets parents know how well their children are doing compared to other children, nationally, without the bad effects of the current direction. (more here)

  • Not available on their website yet.

  • Not available on their website yet.

  • Abolish National Standards and work with the sector to establish strong assessment measures for each student.
  • Review the Ministry of Education reporting criteria so the bi-annual collection and analysis of school learning data, linked to agreed nationwide goals and New Zealand Curriculum levels, enables the Ministry of Education to make robust resourcing decisions across the curriculum. (more here)

  • UnitedFuture is broadly supportive of a system of National Standards as long as outcomes for children are the top priority. UnitedFuture wants to keep teachers, parents, schools and the Ministry of Education on task to ensure that the overall objective of improved primary education is kept at the forefront.
  • In keeping with this, UnitedFuture is particularly keen to improve the clarity of standards information provided to parents about their child’s performance. (more here)

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