Election 2014 - Party Policies - Tourism

Election 2014 - Party Policies - Tourism


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  • Support and strengthen the current draft tourism strategy to work to make sure that it represents a sound basis for sustainable tourism.
  • Introduce legal changes so that Tourism New Zealand can be directed to spend a higher proportion of its promotional budget on encouraging domestic tourism.
  • Work with industry, community and other stakeholders, e.g. SPARC, to develop a promotional campaign to encourage people to 'get out into the great outdoors,' in order to promote good health, domestic tourism and appreciation of nature.
  • Work with local authorities to resolve issues with waste disposal, from camper vans and yachts for example. This will include education for tourists on location of recycling facilities, etc. as part of our commitment to a waste free New Zealand.
  • Support current initiatives by DOC to make available more DOC land for camping grounds, particularly coastal camp grounds and areas where there are few, or where private or other public camp grounds have closed, at the same time ensuring that this does not affect environmentally sensitive areas. (more here)

  • Collaborate with the industry to implement the Tourism 2025 strategy.
  • Streamline compliance costs and move toward a ‘one stop shop’ approach for inspections.
  • Create career pathways and decent work, including certified labour standards, to build a sustainable tourism career for New Zealanders. (more here)

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  • Not available on their website yet.

  • Maintain a focus on high-value and special interest visitors.
  • Provide support for national and regional efforts to attract large international business conferences and conventions.
  • Continue to build closer relations with Chinese tourism authorities and work to further streamline visa processing to encourage more high value Chinese tourists.
  • Support upcoming international sporting events to promote New Zealand as a major events destination to the world.
  • Work to ensure our adventure activities meet world-class safety standards by having all operators audited and registered. (more here)

  • Enhance the New Zealand Tourism Board's destination marketing strategies, focusing in particular on adventure tourism, eco-tourism and cultural tourism.
  • Treat our tourism industry as an export industry specifically for the application of venture capital funding, research and development incentives, and technology transfer.
  • Improve the research and statistical collection methods in consultation with major industry players with the aim of a more targeted industry focus.
  • Continue joint venture tourism marketing projects with stricter guidelines and accountabilities.
  • Facilitate the development and maintenance of transport and tourism infrastructure. (more here)

  • Ensure tourism is a strategic economic priority for government.
  • Develop effective training programs that ensures higher levels of service standards and take into account the job-rich potential of the industry.
  • Review all legislation and regulations that impose coercive powers (e.g. Resource Management Act, Health and Safety in Employment Act) to ensure that the impact on business is minimised yet is consistent with the overall public interest.
  • Ensure that labour legislation is not a disincentive to business development and job creation.
  • Support working holiday programmes for young tourists. (more here)

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