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Election 2014 - Party Policies - Maori Representation

Election 2014 - Party Policies - Maori Representation

Maori Representation

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  • ACT opposes all legislation which gives a different legal status to Maori. This includes the Electoral Act and which provides for separate Maori parliamentary seats.
  • ACT’s goals are to achieve a democratic system for both central and local government where representation is based on a single electoral roll, and those who make decisions that affect us are accountable to us.
  • ACT’s goals are to abolish all racial political privileges including the Iwi consultation requirement in the RMA, reserved parliamentary or local authority seats and official appointments for reasons other than ability to do the job. (more here)

  • Support the entrenchment of the Māori seats so that there is guaranteed Māori representation in Parliament.
  • Support the Māori electoral option. (more here)

  • Work with Local Government New Zealand to review the provisions for Māori representation in local government.
  • Retain the Māori seats until Māori choose through the Māori electoral option that they are no longer necessary. (more here)

  • Begin a process to settle the way in which political and legal power is structured in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Settlement must include meaningful constitutional transformation. (more here)

  • Hold local government to account over treaty relationships with hapū and ensure they are representative of mana whenua. (more here)

  • National will continue to support constructive engagement between the Crown and Iwi.
  • National will ensure Maori institutions are fit-for-purpose in the 21st Century and as we move forward into a post-settlement environment. (more here)

  • Ensure the future of the Maori seats is a decision for the people to make having examined the significant increase in representation numbers of Maori MPs under MMP. (more here)

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