Gareth Vaughan questions whether ANZ NZ will benefit from the ANZ group selling UDC, and would benefit from selling its KiwiSaver heavy wealth unit

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Tell us again how much capital APRA demands ANZ Melbourne claw back from ANZ New Zealand.

They (ANZ NZ) are in the middle of paying back NZ$8 billion of funding (to the Aussie parent) over five years -

Whats up with ANZ selling some of what I always thought were its crown jewels ?

How come ANZ savings rates are missing from the tables on the savings pages?

Actually, they are not missing. It is just that you have an ad blocker turned on which means you won't see their logo. Their logo is served and adblockers work to filter served content off your browser. Turn your adblock off and you will see it.

Ads are important for us. That is how we can afford to bring you this content free. That is how we pay our journalists and analysts. If you turn them off, you are effectively a free-rider ... using quality content but not prepared to do anything to ensure it's here.

No I don't have ad blocker enabled in this site. I can see adverts. eg on this page is a big AMP capital advert and a mazda 3 one. It only seems to affect ANZ listings, as I can see other banks rates such as BNZ who have a logo displayed. I am guessing it is a bug.
As some malware can injected though with adverts websites, some form of adblocking for some overseas websites are a necessity for security these days.