Personal Finance

11 Apr 18, 8:16am
Govt seeks feedback on what tough disclosure requirements to curb conflicted advice should look like in the absence of a ban of commissions
8 Apr 18, 6:02am
David Chaston takes a macro look at the pay discrepancy between men and women, calculates what it's costing the economy, and shows current rates of improvement are just not fast enough
5 Apr 18, 8:20am
Simplicity launches investment funds that track the NZX top 50 and NZ bond market, under-cutting the NZX's Smartshares ETFs on fees
3 Apr 18, 11:22am
Cryptocurrencies are treated like property for tax purposes, the Inland Revenue Department says in new guidance
2 Apr 18, 8:01am
Aussie consumer groups cite Facebook-Cambridge Analytica type data dangers for consumers in move to open banking
26 Mar 18, 9:19am
ASB, BNZ, Westpac, Datacom, Paymark and Trade Me to pilot software aimed at opening the door to easier and more competitive digital payments
20 Mar 18, 7:47am
Mercer's David Scobie suggests investors not partial to “rolling the dice” sit out the cryptocurrency action and marvel as more of the story unfolds
19 Mar 18, 9:43am
Jenesa Jeram argues that rather than focusing on the flaws of individuals, governments might do better to explore their own behavioural biases towards retirement savings
19 Mar 18, 7:18am
Terry Baucher outlines his three key impressions from the Tax Working Group's Submissions Background Paper
17 Mar 18, 11:38am
Simon Swallow says UK pension holders are moving quickly to control their pension entitlements but that NZ residents are ignoring the risks of not reviewing and acting quickly enough. The risks are rising
17 Mar 18, 10:00am
Gareth Vaughan seeks answers after the RBNZ declines to release a report it commissioned on the requirement for directors to sign-off on the accuracy of bank disclosure
17 Mar 18, 9:15am
What you need to know when weighing up whether to move to a retirement village - the Commission for Financial Capability has all the tips
15 Mar 18, 1:21pm
The ACCC shines a spotlight on 'less than vigorous' mortgage competition between the Australian parents of NZ's big four banks
9 Mar 18, 7:33am
Tax Working Group chairman Michael Cullen is signalling environmental taxes are on the agenda. EY’s David Snell welcomes this and says it could be a way to change people's behaviour
5 Mar 18, 10:54am
When we hear about household debt stress, David Chaston wonders whether we are looking at the most relevant data. Household budgets will only be stressed when the servicing costs rise
3 Mar 18, 9:42am
We launch a new calculator that figures out the true "cost of credit" of a loan contract, simple to use but revealing (and sometimes disturbing)
26 Feb 18, 11:33am
The RBNZ says its Dashboard allowing depositors to compare 'like-for-like' financial information on banks may improve financial literacy among retail investors
19 Feb 18, 2:17pm
ANZ NZ to stop charging customers for using other banks' ATMs, hints at other fee reductions to come without providing detail
15 Feb 18, 5:02am
RBNZ plans public awareness and education campaign to promote its bank financial strength Dashboard initiative
13 Feb 18, 5:00pm
Finance Minister Grant Robertson says Labour & Greens working on new sustainable development indicators ahead of first 'Wellbeing Budget' next year


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