Overall sales clearance rate of 29% of Barfoot & Thompson's auctions last week on 180 residential properties marketed for sale

Overall sales clearance rate of 29% of Barfoot & Thompson's auctions last week on 180 residential properties marketed for sale

Activity remained remarkably steady in Barfoot & Thompson's auction rooms last week, with the real estate agency marketing 180 residential properties for sale by auction and achieving sales on 29% of them.

That compares with 194 properties marketed for sale by auction the previous week (19-25 November). The sales rate was exactly the same in both weeks.

The big auction held at Manukau, where most of the properties offered were from south and east Auckland, was once again the star performer with an overall sales rate of 37%, while sales were surprisingly light at the on-site auctions with a sales rate of just 18%.

The North Shore had the biggest auction with 44 properties but the sales rate was just 27%.

Details of the individual properties and the selling prices and rating valuations of most of those that sold are available on our Residential Auction Results page.

Barfoot & Thompson Auction Results 26 November - 2 December 2018

Date Venue Sold Not sold Total % Sold
19-25 November On-site 2 9 11 18%
27 November Manukau 15 26 41 37%
27 November B&T, Shortland St, CBD. 2 5 7 29%
28 November B&T, Shortland St, CBD. 10 27 37 27%
28 November Whangarei 2 6 8 25%
28 November Pukekohe 2 4 6 33%
29 November North Shore 12 32 44 27%
29 November B&T, Shortland St, CBD. 4 11 15 27%
30 November B&T, Shortland St, CBD. 3 8 11 27%
Total All venues 52 128 180 29%

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Manukau has the highest clearance rate as have been observing that asking rate has fallen by 10% (Appox 10% to 15% below RV) and may sell below the asking. Have not monitored other area so cannot comment on them but definitely in area between Pakuranga to Howick and near around houses that were earlier selling for 900s are going for 800s and best deal is in for people with budget of 900s as properties earlier being sold for a million or 1.1 Million Plus are now in 900s.

Early next year will be very interesting for housing market.

And how does the median wage compare with the median home in Manukau?
When those two create affordable homes for the locals ( and I'd guess it's not $900k or $800k?) THEN we are getting somewhere. Until then, as you say, next year will be very interesting....and the non-local landlords might find things interesting as well!

Landlords.co.nz has good breakdown of median sales price in the areas that made up most of old Manukau City



If Sydney reported clearance rates in the 20s, their agents would dig bunkers. NZ could report 5% clearance rates and still have steady (median) prices ;-)

We're the lucky country now..........

We are indeed

The Auckland housing market remains steady.

That’s an ok outcome.


Agent TTP, clinging to the (median) dataset does you no favours. It's a bit like rat dissection. The more you cut into it, the more it smells. Feeling queasy?, leave the room or alternately ask the right questions and learn something.

Hi Crash-Crusader,

You have emphatically pronounced here that Auckland's MEDIAN house price will fall by at least 5% (year-on-year) by the end of 2018.

As 2018 draws to a close and your prediction appears shaky, we note that you are looking for excuses.

Your attempts to wriggle out are a bit rich - to say the least.......


Looks like Akld "houses" are down 2.79% over the last year, only 2.21% to drop in December

It could be a close call!


For each property type - apartments, houses and lifestyle property - values have either stalled or slipped in value. The median sales price for Auckland apartments has stalled in the last 12 months and now sits at $631,500 (up slightly from $630,000 last year) while houses dropped 2.79 percent to $890,000 and lifestyle properties 2.33 percent to $1,318,000

Its a turd of an outcome...

I'm still waiting for examples...

yawning, 30% selling rate cannot make a headline any longer

It does feel like we may be on the verge of a correction, although who knows by how much. Should have a clearer picture by April/May.


Amid signs the US yield is starting to invert, this 2021 dream is looking more like the beginnings of everything other than a recovery....

Isn't it weird that 37% becomes a star performer!!!

i did not follow those numbers before . What was the average clearance rate say in October/November 2016/2017 ?

Tried to find a similar page for 2016. couldn't find one with auckland wide auctions, only apartment auctions.


contrast that with :

Ok, 2017 probably not a good example as it says 28% , 2016 would be more interesting

Hah it's a perfectly good example and it's the one YOU asked for, but the result (28%) doesn't fit what you wanted it to be, so you're looking for another one

it is not that I wanted it to be , I originally asked guys to give 2016- 2017 numbers. and 28% in 2017 with 57% in Nov 2016 perfectly reflects my expectations. Another thing - why the article(and everyone reading it) says those 28% are ridiculously low clearance rate if it 's already 1 year since we started to contemplate those numbers. This is just new normal. and vendors will have to be more realistic to put this number back to 50s mark unless you want (with the the help of LVR and other instruments) this country gets into neo-feudalism age in 10-20 years time

for others that can't be bothered counting..
38% (excluding the auction without results avail)

So similar late last year. And prices didn't collapse.
But don't take that as me saying that there won't be a significant drop in '19

That's what my trusty RE agent told me also.. "there won't be a big drop in 2019, the time to buy is NOW"

Well, even bears need to concede that clearance rates were similarly low this time last year, and prices didn't collapse in 2018. I still think there will be falls in '19, though

Well North Shore more than doubled last weeks results.. not reading to much into it. Would be interesting to know just what area's / price ranges of those sales.

Answered my own question

A lot of houses getting some very good prices. The do-ups are still getting a hammering. This five bedroom property in Avondale on a 615 m² section went for only 726k. Only requires a bit of paint and elbow grease!


I thought I spotted a dead canary with this one in Manurewa selling for only 480k. Freehold, three bedroom, own driveway:


However it is a recent subdivision. Currently rented for $495 so giving an immediate return of almost 5.4%. That's not bad for Auckland. Hopefully a FHB bought it. With 20% deposit the interest is less than $300 a week which is cheaper than renting. A couple on reasonable incomes could have this paid off in six or seven years if they put down a 20% deposit.

Only requires a bit of paint and elbow grease?
Until i saw a building inspection confirming that I'd be very sceptical, that close to the water you might find plenty of rotting framing that needs replacing, just look at the water stains on the wall beside the chimney

It still looks like a great project for a competent handyman although I'd say it was bought just for the land. The sale price was almost exactly the land value of the RV. Avondale is almost Central Auckland.

"The sale price was almost exactly the land value of the RV"

So. A bit more than just some "elbow grease", then...