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Horizon firm on farm clean up

Rural News
Horizon firm on farm clean up

Horizons Regional Council is still pushing to make intensive farming a controlled activity in the region and expects about 40 per cent of farms will need to clean up the way they operate reports The Manawatu Standard. The council is also not budging on its decision to keep stock out of waterways. Horizons wants to implement rules under the water chapter of its proposed one plan that allow only 20kg to 30kg of nitrate loss per hectare per year. Of the 1000 dairy farms, irrigated sheep and beef, horticultural and cropping in the region, about 60 per cent are believed to already be within the proposed standards for nitrate loss. Farmers who can prove they are already meeting these standards will not have to apply for consent. Those who can't will have their nitrate loss treated as a controlled activity and will have to take steps to lower their nitrate usage. Planning and regulatory group manager Greg Carlyon said the council's position had not changed. "A good proportion of farms will still need resource consent. "All farms will need to demonstrate they are using the best farming processes in New Zealand."

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