Milk powder, logs and aluminium lead ANZ Commodity Price Index to third consecutive monthly fall

Milk powder, logs and aluminium lead ANZ Commodity Price Index to third consecutive monthly fall

The ANZ Commodity Price Index fell for a third straight month in August, following nine consecutive months of rises, led by milk powder, logs and aluminium.

ANZ said the index fell 1.2% in August to 304.3 and is now down 2.5% over the past three months.

Twice as many commodity prices fell as rose in August, the bank said, representing the broadest range of commodities to fall since August 2010.

Milk powder, logs and aluminium led the drop, with each falling 6%. Wool, butter and skin prices dropped 4%, lamb prices 2%, and the price of cheese and sawn timber fell 1 %.

Prices for fruit, beef, seafood and venison rose with wood, pulp and casein prices unchanged.

ANZ said the price of milk powders have now fallen 16%  since March, with whole milk powder down 18% and skim milk powder down 8%. Log and aluminium prices have both dropped 11% since respective peaks in May and April.

Meanwhile, ANZ said a month-on-month decline in the value of the kiwi dollar buffered the commodity price fall, resulting in the New Zealand dollar commodity price Index being unchanged at 200.3 in August. The main index is in US dollars.

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Logs and Aluminium...really!....just go price timber for a new house or aluminium joinery and see if prices are going down or...GOING UP.

Well while I wouldn't like to see commodity prices keep on declining, coming back a bit is a good thing. They can't keep on going up for ever, there just simply isn't a reason for them to do so when the global economy is so flat (excluding the BRICS) and demand is muted.

Hopefully this will take some of the pressure off the kiwi, interest rates and home grown inflation notwithstanding Wolly's comments above.

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The ANZ Commodity index is still above 2007 levels.. the peak of the world real estate bubble. It seems like the bull market in commodities has not ended.

With the Index so high, and the high NZD bringing down the price of imports for producers (machinery etc) ... you'd think that we've never had it so good....