Here's a video for all farmers - one that got 2.2 million views in the past 2 days

Here's a video for all farmers - one that got 2.2 million views in the past 2 days

Dodge Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial Farmer - God Made A Farmer   

Good grief, its a run-away - this video has now been downloaded 8.8 million times in 5 days - Feb 9, 2013

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I wonder how many farmers ran out and bought the Dodge Ram !!
If God made a farmer then the Devil must be the Government who produced the taxman and bureaucrats. Dehorning time.

Enviromentalist says God made a farmer to pollute our waterways.

All the while eating and enjoying the affordable food those farmers produced.
Possibly while they relax at a tropical holiday resort that consumed one ton of fuel to fly to. All made possible because modern farming now means less than 10% of their income is spent on food.
Hypocrisy is everywhere, you get pacifists who say war is never right while they enjoy living a free life because soldiers stood up to Nazi Germany.  Or people who despise the old English rule while they enjoy the infrastructure, universities and government that came with it.

So thats why I became a farmer....noticed they didn't mention nutrient management....god bless USA. I'm thinking of a buying a 'new' flat deck. 1987 Ford Courier, asking $4,800.00...too dear at this stage.

Omnologo - you need a new profession sporting the returns available to the new Governor of the BOE. It would seem our local representatives have started a world wide trend towards higher central banker salaries. And there is no inflation, right?  How long before Wheeler squeals for more than NZ$600,000 to remain internationally competitive?
For example, Mr. Carney's decision to seek a pay package worth more than £874,000 £1 million($1.37 million) including a £250,000 housing allowance will no doubt make his life easier but may make his job harder. The amount is certainly possible to justify but risks reinforcing the perception that he is a globe-trotting hired gun with no deep commitment to the U.K. That could become problematic if and when Mr. Carney, a former Goldman Sachs GS +0.45% banker, is forced to take decisions that, for example, cause him to be blamed for ordinary U.K. families losing their homes. Read WSJ article

The ad provoked this response at market watch

Now have a look at the controversy it has generated