Ross Hyland appointed to lead meat industry change by farmer lobby group

Ross Hyland

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Ross Hyland, an influential figure in both agribusiness and the commercial sector, has become Meat Industry Excellence’s (MIE) first key appointment.

“Ross’s commitment and success in New Zealand agriculture is well documented,” says Richard Young, Chairman of Meat Industry Excellence.

“Ross Hyland’s on-going commitment to continually improve the profitability of our primary sector will be vital as we push for a stronger and more vibrant red meat sector."

“While Ross sold his remaining shareholding in SealesWinslow to Ballance Agri-nutrients at the beginning of this year, his milling and manufacturing expertise saw Ballance retain his services to complete the rebuild of its Wanganui feedmill."

“Ross has impressive agricultural governance experience, being a Director of Lincoln Agritech, Chairman of the Lincoln University Farms committee and a member of Lincoln’s Research and Commercialisation committee."

“This commercial background is vital in order to help put Lincoln University back on a strong financial footing.  It is also an impressive skillset that Ross brings to MIE."

“Ross is totally aligned with MIE principles and is committed to reforming the red meat sector so we can again compete with alternate land uses.  His energy, corporate knowledge and business contacts, make him an ideal addition to help MIE drive positive industry change,” Mr Young said.

Ross Hyland looked forward to working with MIE to reenergise the red meat sector.

“I have seen MIE take on this important industry role and we just cannot lose this opportunity,” Ross Hyland added.

“MIE will continue to make sound strategic decisions and I see my role as providing leadership, expertise and guidance, as we move towards the second phase of reform."

“The appointment of key personnel to the ‘Establishment Team’ is the next important step.  We must recruit the very best who will greatly enhance our odds of success."

“The potential payback for ‘NZ Inc’ is huge if we can get the red meat strategy right. This starts with addressing the present model, a model which we see as flawed and capital constrained.  The current model is also failing at both the procurement and marketing ends."

“Solutions must capture more value from the supply chain, which, in turn, delivers more of the margin from the end product back to all stakeholders.  This ultimately results in enduring and sustainable profitability."

“For this to be achieved, we must also address the present structure of our processing sector. We all agree it is not working so let’s get on and fix it. We simply cannot accept the status quo,” Ross Hyland finished by saying.

MIE Chairman, Richard Young, adds that there is a limited window of opportunity to achieve industry change, which is why the right people are needed now.

“It may take a little but longer to assemble people the calibre of Ross Hyland, but when we do, real reform becomes much more achievable."

“With industry talks between the four major meat companies still in progress, MIE will forge ahead with its plans given there is no guarantee that industry will find a solution."

“As a sector we must put aside company interests to find industry solutions.  Failure to do so will only see the continuation in the downward spiral of sheep and beef numbers,” Mr Young concluded.

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Congratulations Ross , your skills very much needed in this demanding roll.