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The Sheep Deer and Cattle report: Breeding stock winters down, shearing slow and ruckus at Invermay and Lincoln University continues

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The Sheep Deer and Cattle report: Breeding stock winters down, shearing slow and ruckus at Invermay and Lincoln University continues


Lamb prices are steadily improving with schedules now nearly a $1/ kg ahead of last year. The weather has settled back into a normal June frosty spell and breeding stock are now into their winter maintainence rotations.

With this optimism some rebuilding of flocks could be expected which could restrict lamb supply further, although dairy grazing and strong grain prices will compete strongly with any regrowth of the sheep sector.

Breeding ewe values have increased by nearly 15% and hoggets by 20% in the year’s livestock tax determinations to illustrate the sectors upturn, but many will want to see a similar rise next year and a settled long term industry plan before they feel any financial security.

The Red Meats Primary Growth Partnership and the Ravensdown PGP aimed at more efficient use of fertiliser on hill country are big research and extension projects that need to fire to rebalance profits back into the red meat sector.


Last weeks North Island auction saw predominantly short second shear wools sold into a steady market helped by an easing currency.

The past months unsettled weather has delayed shearing flows and next weeks Christchurch auction has volumes down by 32% on the rostered amounts.

Merino farmers will be excited by the appointment of ex Air NZ’s Rob Fyfe as the new chief executive for leading clothing manufacturer Icebreaker, as they look to grow this global business world wide.


Schedules remain steady as the last of the boner cows are now harvested and the dairy managers prune their herds to numbers suitable for spring calving.

A 30c/kg increase in schedule is being achieved for prime beef compared to last year, and bull and manufacturing animals are also recieving better returns amid a global market that looks short of supply.

Lincoln University and AgResearch have made their final calls on staffing for the rationalisation at these organisations but few are happy that investment is being reduced rather than expanded, in such important areas such as research and rural education.


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The bottom of the venison schedule should be nearing the end with positive marketing vibes about prospects for the new chilled season.

It seems the Deer Industry is the only sector pleased with Ag Research’s rationalization with the breeding herd and an expanded science expertise being retained at Invermay


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