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5 Jun 15, 11:20am
David Whitburn on cutting red tape, NIMBYs, West Islanders, cutting the OCR, releasing Auckland land, buying in the provinces, a rush of high LVR loans, stadiums & fixing Auckland congestion, Dilbert & more
27 Feb 15, 11:02am
David Whitburn on NIMBYs, Brian Gaynor's house price fears, Demographia & toilet paper, what's different about Auckland, Dilbert & more
7 Nov 14, 10:50am
Friday's Top 10: David Whitburn on the RMA and housing affordability; Why state house sales are good; Is the Labour Party in terminal decline? Why CGT's a lemon
7 Oct 11, 9:27pm
Opinion: David Whitburn argues the idea that property investors have a tax advantage is a myth; the depreciation changes created a disadvantage
12 Sep 11, 4:24pm
Opinion: David Whitburn explains his love of rental property. Win free tickets to his Tuesday evening debate with Bernard
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