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2 Mar 19, 9:44am
Geof Mortlock argues the Reserve Bank is about as much use as a financial regulator as is a cricket umpire who is nearly blind and who understands little about the game
19 Feb 19, 11:08am
Geof Mortlock explains why higher bank capital ratios are not a substitute for deposit insurance
12 Feb 19, 12:32pm
Geof Mortlock makes the case for a shake-up to RBNZ governance and a fundamental, independent review of the regulatory framework for NZ's financial system
6 Feb 19, 8:30am
Geof Mortlock argues New Zealand needs stronger protection for depositors to counter the Reserve Bank’s 'odd approach' to managing a bank failure
4 Feb 19, 10:39am
Geof Mortlock argues the RBNZ's proposals to increase bank capital are poorly thought through and unsupported by analysis
8 Jan 19, 6:04am
The RBNZ's new Relationship Charter doesn't impress Geof Mortlock - he advises them to go back and start again to get something more meaningful and professional
14 Dec 18, 12:15pm
Geof Mortlock says as financial sector regulator the RBNZ needs a Policy Objectives Statement, like its Policy Targets Agreement for monetary policy
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